Seed Starting -Baggy Method -Step by Step -The Set up.

Now you can use this Seed Starting Method for two things..

A) you can test your seed germination rate for a small sampling of home saved seeds or bought seeds or older seeds or gifted seeds.. its always a good idea to do a seed germination test before you plant out rows and then give it the eye as nothing comes up for weeks and you wonder why!? Even if you do as little as five seeds.. if you are counting on those plants for food.. do the seed test.

B) Its the perfect way to control starting your seeds and then moving the started seeds into their little seedling pots of dirt and then depending on timing into bigger pots.

I will continue to take photos and share as we do take these seeds though the process.

You will need paper towel (not tissue or bathroom, they are to fine and will rip far to easy for this process, but tissue is just fine for homemade seed tape.. we will get to that one. A plastic baggy and seeds.  In this case we are starting Brussel sprouts..

Now I put a goodly amount of seed on the paper, you can do it in more tidy lines if you want, or you can do as I did, the key is that it must be on one side so that you can fold the paper over it

Fold it in half and then using water off your fingers or a spray bottle, wet the top sheet till its nicely damp but not to wet or dripping..  the paper should be wet enough that after about 60 second or so, you can see all the seeds clearly though the top layer but the very outer edges are still soaking up the water.. hope you can see what I mean in the above photo.

Fold it gently in half and slide it into the plastic baggy and then open it back up.. it should take up most of the space on the bottom of the bag. if you want to do larger amounts of seeds you can scale up to the point of a full sheet of paper towel and the largest baggy.

Then seal the bag most of the way and then blow in some air into the bag so it puff’s up some and then mostly seal it closed. Place your baggy in a warm spot, dark is fine.. top of fridge or spot by the heater (not on the heater) and watch them go..

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