Warm Baggy Method- Stage Two..

So we talked about the warm baggy method of starting seeds, that was very much focused on using it to test for seed germination rates.  A great way to check older seed from storage, a MUST for checking home grown and saved seeds and for sure checking any free seeds that have been gifted in a number of ways.


Nothing is worse then planting whole rows of seeds and wasting weeks waiting for plants to come up.

But now we can move it over to the next step if you want.. pick and choose the seedlings. As you can see the germ rate on these Brussel sprouts seeds was outstanding.. I left them in the baggy till they were turning into true wee sprouts, then I moved them carefully and planted them up into their pots..


A mear 24 hours after being planted.. they are up and looking fab! They are now set up with a greenhouse topper, under the grow lights, once they get big enough that they move from the starter shelf to the grow shelves they will remove the top. In total I planted out 30 strong seedlings, and feed 11 of the didn’t make it to the chickens bucket.

Compared to dropping two or three seeds per pot, I used a lot less seeds, so if you are seed frugal, this is a very useful tool.  (you often hear about this type of seed saving in square foot gardening books)

Now, I say that one of the perks is that you don’t get to just select your seedlings based on the true starting leaves but also on the root as well. Now is time to start your cull process.

Anything that does not have even proper true leaf was removed.. Anything with very short or with reduced root structure or the few that had very very long and thin roots was culled out.. at this stage, being part of the pack is just what I am looking for.

41 one seedlings, and I culled 11 or 26 percent of them.. we will see if all the once planted out make the grade.. I am game for all 30 but I really want 24 plants, and I am hedging my bets by doing a few extra.

I took a training course on growing plants with seed saving and plant breeding improvements and it was outstanding,  I have never looked at gardening quite the same way..

I used to garden for what was in front of me right now.. Now I garden both in the here and now but also with a eye to the future of the plant genes and what could be 🙂



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4 Responses to Warm Baggy Method- Stage Two..

  1. Amanda says:

    Where did you take the course you mentioned?

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