Snow, Blood and more meat for the house..

Well, I had hoped that the weather forcast for today in regards to the snow would mean that it would in fact be a bit warmer then yesterday but alas it was not meant to be, Jack Frost had a sense of humor this morning and he put a bite in the winter wind that wormed its way though 4 layers plus of clothing, boots, winter socks, and layered head gear..

None the less the day’s plan for butchering out the one pen of ducks did happen and let me tell ya, there was no worry about if the meat was chilling fast enough, instead it was to make sure that it did not freeze and therefor ruin the ability of the meat to properly age.

Despite the bite in the wind and the chill of the tiny cold white pellets coming down, it was a great day, I had a helper today, DH was still in the house nursing his cold, he seems to be at the stable point at least.. neither really getting better but not getting worse either, so I hope that he is on the upward mend.

Needless to say having one of my farm helpers (the oldest one ) come to learn how to do the processing was enjoyable for me, not only because it was nice to have someone to talk to side by side, but because he was quick and agile on the catching and he has been hunting with his dad and grandpa for both deer and moose, this was a first for him in regards to ducks, and If the weather had been better, I was going to show him chicken and rabbit as well as the two kinds of ducks but we did 11 ducks today and I called it while we could still feel our fingers well enough to be working with knifes and tree trimming shears in a safe manner 🙂

It was a pleasure to get to share the knowledge of how I do the birds, I know I don’t follow things as the books say all the time, some yes, some no, some I only do because I know that the rest will be used in other ways on the closed loops on the farm.

I was happy to have the help for the outside stuff and he went home with some very cool feathers, I look forward to seeing how they get used at a future point in time..

Into the house I came and the next round went, so the biggest and best duck breasts will age and be used like the finest beef steaks, then next six biggest went into a spicy cure bath for later use, the rest of the breasts were ground up along with the hearts to make duck sauasage, the soup bones like necks etc for broth making are already packaged and frozen, it does not matter if they are aged to me as they are there for flavour and all the goodness that comes from bone broth, not because I want to eat the duck meat itself, and the legs and thighs are all prepped and aging in the fridge as they do need it for the dishes I have planned for them, each duck will provide at least four to six full meals each for Dh and I.

Now I rest with a hot cuppa still the next thing that needs to be done..

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5 Responses to Snow, Blood and more meat for the house..

  1. calliek says:

    Once again I am lamenting that we don’t live closer. I’d love to try some of you duck sausage!

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