Reader Questions- Piglet Names, and Garden/Seed Questions.

Ok, so first, it seems that I forgot to say which muppet names we gave to the piglets, now I would be the first to have said that you really can’t tell them apart and so naming would not work and I felt that way for the first couple weeks, but as they have gotten older who each one is has become clearer and clearer to me..

We had two boys and six girls.. the boys were called Beeker and Gonzo and both have already been harvested.. We currently have six females, two of which are nice enough that if the right buyer came along, I would consider selling them for breeding stock which would be Madam and Zoot, the other four are healthy and growing well but will for sure end up freezer camp which include Fozzie, MorkMork Skeeter and Animal..


So … what ARE you getting from Heritage Seeds? :)  Details, my dear, details.

This is as close as I get to details because until you order and its processed you don’t know if you can get what you order, some of them are in very limited supply and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, and you end up with different then you think, but there is lot of others to pick from if that happens..

3 kinds of drying beans 2 kinds of beets Broccolli (one that does many tiny heads not just one) 2 cabbage kinds red carrots 1 cauliflower 3 kinds of soup/stalk celery 4 kinds of corn- 2 critter, one human grinding flower and one popcorn 2 kolhrabi leek 2 melons 1 parsnip 2 pea’s 3 peppers 3 kinds of radish (one for critter use, one for seed sprouting and one for human use) 4 sqaush (both human and critter use) 5 tomato’s 1 turnip 1 rutabaga 1 watermelon

Critter use Soybeans Barley -both critter and for human use 2 kinds of mangels 1 quinoa 2 amaranth Sunflower (critter and sprouting) and they also have a very rare carrot that was grown for fodder use that I want to see if I can grow for seed and then use for fodder again.

Next questions are from a new reader, welcome to the farm 🙂

what are 1)bottom land and 2)micro-climates 3)till as little as possible?

Bottom land refers to the fact that I am on river bottom land or flood land, this means that when the timing is right in winter or spring that much of my pasture area will in fact flood out from the combined river and creeks around me, while not all my land is such, much of it is in fact river loam when tested and that makes growing things much easier then if I had clay or sandy soil.

Micro-climates are areas on your land that are just a bit warmer or colder or wind proof or more wind blown then basic zoning given to your overall area by the canadian goverment.. natural land will have swells on it, gentle up and downs, top of the swell has its own pros and cons, middle the same and bottom the same.. using tree’s, fences, and buildings can all effect how things grow, buildings will reflect the sun and create early microzones for spring growing but on the other hand they can also create very hot zones in the summer months for the same reason’s, knowing which way your wind tends to blow (winds will dry out your plants makes a difference in planting) and cold likes to creep in to the low spots first, so if you have a bottom, it will often “frost out” faster in the fall, so not a good place to plant things you are hoping to get a few extra weeks or even a month or more growth out of if possable but excellent area to plant with the few things that will sweeten with the frost for harvest time in the fall .

No till is just what it sounds like, instead of turning the soil, you place a mound or hill or sheet mulch on top of the soil that is already there and you plant into the mound and grow from there.. I do a mix of things, when it comes to potato beds, I like a deep double dug bed, but when it comes to sqaush’s I like low or no till methods.

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1 Response to Reader Questions- Piglet Names, and Garden/Seed Questions.

  1. Leanne says:

    Oh we learnt not to name our sheep for the pot very early on, makes it a tad easier to do the deed.
    Love Leanne

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