Socks and Mittens- our first set of twin lambs of the season.

The first set of twin lambs arrived while I was gone, their momma is woolie, and she is a good one, she has a sturdy boy and a slightly smaller little girl, Niece #2 and #3 named them Socks(boy) and Mittens(girl). They look really good and are ready to come out of the jug and join the flock but I will hold off till after the freezing rain/sleeting snow stops.

Marty has grown by leaps and bounds, and he is so chunky and solid, he looks like a boy even at this young age, where Girl still seems so ladylike to me, granted I was greeted by her big old head just begging me for a good chin scratch.. I was so pleased to see that Dh had done a wonderful job with the cows while I was gone.. They look great.. always hard to take a good photo in the barn with a flash on, which instead of red eye, gave blue eye.. its really a nice chocolate brown.

The girls are all starting to waddle, and when I did the check this afternoon, it looks like I have at least three girls that are starting to bag up, so this evening we will put them into the birthing stalls to be on the safe side, but Spot-Spot looks to be the one who will be having her little ones next..

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9 Responses to Socks and Mittens- our first set of twin lambs of the season.

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’ve always wondered why sheep have their babies now. Do all breeds give birth in the winter? It just seems like really bad timing to me. Is it Spring now where they came from originally?

    • Hi Deb

      I could change the lambing dates to a point by with holding the ram till later in the breeding season and therefor push the lambs forward to being born in later spring, which I know a number of folks do in the west as they have a much longer/harder winter, and or they don’t have a big barn like I do etc.

      Having said that, the breed of sheep I have will breed “out of season” so they really will have lambs at any time of the year, and I have one that almost always has a very late/early summer lambs for me

      I perfer leaving my ram out with my small flock and let them go natural, this works for me, as the lambs are born mostly in Jan/Feb, which means that have a very good start before the spring thaw and with it all the bugs my land carry gets up and going. I have much stronger and healthier lambs by having them born at this time of the year, it also means that they are ready to be sent to freezer camp being finished on pasture, not requiring any extra grain unless requested by the buyer.

      It helps that I have the big barn, which allows me to jug the babies for the first couple days to a week if needed depending on the weather..

  2. I love their coloring. Deb, the gestation period for sheep is about 143 days. Some people breed them in the late fall for spring lambs, but so long as your keeping an eye on the animals, they can lamb any time of the year.

    • Yes, I do like that if my girls miss on the typical breeding season, they will breed all year, I have heard that in the very warm climates they can have three sets of lambs every two years but I would think that would be fairly hard on the girls.

      • Deb W says:

        Thanks for all of the info everybody! I can definitely see your point about the spring bug thing; natural breeding (and grass finishing too) would definitely be my preference. Who knows best when to get things done, after all?; ) Three pregnancies in two years? Wow, sounds like “puppy mills”, eh?

      • Hi Deb

        I don’t really think its quite the same, if the flock and the girls are not well feed enough, and then they are not going cycle out of season and have that third lamb crop in the two year mark.. I know lots of folks that only get one setting from their duck hen for the year, I consider it good mangagement that I typically get two and often three sets of ducklings per hen each year.

  3. Lynn says:

    Momma and her babies are just beautiful! What a nice ‘welcome home’ surprise for you!

    That calf ain’t too shabby either! He is gorgeous!

    • The story I got told was that Dh was heading into the barn to feed Marty his early morning milk, and he heard, Deep Moooo (Girl) Grunt, Grunt (Miss Piggy), Maaaaa(Marty) and then high pitched maaanaa, and he stopped and went HUH???? and sure enough woolie had her lovely twins in the open bedded down birthing pen just waiting for him.

      I am really happy with how well everyone has done while I was gone, its alot of work to run the farm by yourself and till work your full time job X number of days per week.

  4. I love those little lambs! So cute.

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