Aging Meats-Corned Duck Breast…

I like to age my meats after butcher, it is much better for taste and texture to do so, be it beef, lamb or any of the smaller critters, before I left on my trip, I was doing a number of different kinds of the birds, and I was also making different products with them, including brined duck breast, but it seems that I forgot one breast in the spiced brine tucked into the top shelf kinda hidden, and so yesterday as I was looking at what to use up.. there it was.. about four weeks past its offical pull out date…hmmmm

Pulled it out and smelled the brine, and it looks fine, Checked the breast, it was fresh smelling, but very firm and well reduced in size, first test passed.. Washed and put it to a slow roast with broth, and waited, if it was bad, I would smell it when the heat hit it, passed Test 2, smelled wonderful cooking.. Cooled it overnight, to slice this morning..

Stunning Color, salty but with a amazing depth of flavour, I have written before about how the Muscovy breasts can be used just like a really good qaulity beef steak in many! recipes and that folks would never know they are eating duck instead of beef. 

This is clearly another one that would be able to do so, I could serve this Corned meat in a sandwhich or in a hash, and I truly believe anyone would be hard pressed to not think it tradional and very yummy corned beef!

This is a mistake that I will repeat in the future, just not for quite as long in the brine but for sure Corned Duck Breast is going into my personal cookbook. Like with most things duck, until I do so and can prove that its the same, I would not recommend using regular “duck” breasts for this recipe.

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2 Responses to Aging Meats-Corned Duck Breast…

  1. Top shelf? You brine at room temperature?

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