Food Storage Friday-Eat out of your Pantry -Week 6

This has been a great week of eat out of your pantry, all my proteins for the week was 0 mile, we had pressure canned chicken, from the freezer lamb, and lots of fresh duck in different ways served up, add in fresh eggs and we eat like very well indeed.

I was in the mood for different this week when it came to side dishes, some were just fall veggie stirfry’s, some where rice pilifs, some were oven baked winter sqaush’s, and on one meal it was dumplings, I didn’t bake this week (much to hubby’s saddness) but I did have lots of canned and dried fruits available, plus I made tapico lemon pudding.

I have been craving sweet and sour combo’s, pickles are my go to snack at the moment with pickled cabbage or pickled turnip mix not far behind, that burst of complex flavours is wonderful this time of year.

I am thinking that my food storage friday’s might evolve a little into including what I think is my best recipe that used something from my home canned goods or from the freezer etc, its great to put up all spring/summer/fall but its also good to get idea’s and thoughts on how to put them into use in meal making, or baking.

Dark Day’s challange is coming, and I am greatly looking forward to it, I planned and put up things for this challange, so now I get to have some fun figuring out how to use these things in the meals themselves.

So what did you eat out of your puttin up pantry this week?

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