How to use the Baggy Method to Start Seeds

Just another Day on the Farm

The Baggy Seed Starting Method is very easy to do and its very worth it!

All home harvested seeds and older seeds should be given a germination test using this method NOW! in seed ordering season.

I can not stress this enough, its worth taking a little time and figuring your seed germination rates. If you look on bought seed packages, it will give a germination rate on it, normally it will show over 80 or 90 percent. Smaller seed houses often do not list this and I find that can be because germination rates “can” be lower or just because they do not want the extra print costs for changing this per type of seed.

None the less, we are the gardeners and there is NOTHING worse than saving seed and planting out whole rows of seed that barely comes up. In years past, I have had this happen…

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