Ready, Set, Go Plant those Pepper Seeds (zone 5)

Just another Day on the Farm


This year I am growing West Coast Seeds King of the North Sweet Pepper.

68 days green, 90 days red. Large beautiful fruits that are bell shaped. Great producers in our short growing season. I ordered the seeds in 2020 garden season and much to my surprise they are not carrying them this year.. all the more reason to plant this crop together and seed save these for future use and local offerings.

I did see with a quick google search that other smaller suppliers still have them but ouch on the price.. 20 seeds for 4.95.. I will keep you posted on them.. and will be doing a end of year round up on the different plants and yields.

Do you grow the King of the North, sweet pepper? Tell me all about it! What I am really interested in is, height and spread of the plant?

If you…

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