So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?

When I read the title, I thought it was about garden trenching compost rows in the garden, alas not.. read on, read on and get those seeds in the pots


My son called from the Central Valley in California last night and said over 10,000 acres of farm land in the Central Valley are under water. They have been underwater for too long.

And they have not had the worst of the flooding over there in California.

Cropping land, vegetable growers and orchards. A-wash for too long now. Flooded.

Even the local farmers markets are facing fresh food shortages.

Head shot. Black cow looking directly at screen. Brown cow in profile. Mossy fence post.

Another major interruption to the food supply chain.

And still it rains in California. (The drought is broken though!).

But soon it will be too hot to replant.

And the Central Valley supplies the US with 25% of its fresh food. And still it rains.

This year would be a good year to start a garden if you don’t have one in already.

Another friend of mine said her neighbour told her she is starting to bury canned food in her…

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