Roasted Sea Salt Grey Ghost Squash Seeds


Its fall and that means squash and pumpkins are coming in by the wheel barrel and bins full.. such bounty.. we had a low threatened of 4 and we did get just nipped but only in our most frost prone area so far..  still we also noted that we were dry now and had a days of rain coming.. 

So it was time to bring them in and they are scattered all over the house tucked here and there as they are drying and curing.. I grabbed a  Grey Ghost Squash, the top was cut off, the seeds pulled out, the guts to the chickens, the seeds to be washed for future use and the squash itself, had butter, maple syrup and pink sea salt cracked in it and the lid put back on with a heat hole cut into it and put into the oven to roast away till tender.  I will personally feast on a bowl of it.. and the leftovers will be used for a dish as a accent for hubby LOL

I then washed the seeds in cool water, just using my hands to get the last of the fresh off the seeds, then I put a touch of good olive oil, seasoning salt and mixed it though, then spread it out.. then cracked larger sea salt over them and roasted till golden brown and the shells have firmed up. 

Unlike different pumpkins or even some squash, my grey ghost seeds are either a very slow eat, crack, scrape out edge side, the middle is tasty and I like the flavor very much and its a nice slow snack.. or you need to eat them whole.. 

If you have any kind of bowl issues where extra fiber can give you issues please do not eat whole shell on pumpkin or squash seeds.. the fiber load on them is massive and they are going to pass right though.


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