Bells – A wee Update


Bells :strike a pose, first offical photo shoot lol..  Bells is proud to announce that I have finally cracked the one pound mark on the my daily weigh in on the soaping scale.   To say that Bells was and is still a wee thing is fair.. we got the KML milk replacer which is still being used for extra calories


However, I much perfer the special kitten wet food and I like it.. lots, I started out eating a quarter of a can at a time and now I am up to half a can sometimes and I like to eat 6 to 8 times a day.. hungry, growing baby.. FEED ME! meow, meow.. 

On the back end that has meant more baths then any one kitten should have to take.. first I have a blue dawn bath, then I have to be flea combed over and over, but I purr so its not so bad on the combing. but the bathing.. that I am not so fond of.. but at least I get dried, fluffed and lots of cuddle time..  I am not sure why but the two legged does not like it when I get stuff on me,  so many wee baths.. how many times do you have to wash me tail 


Which brings me to the next big event in my wee kitten world.. the litter box..  I am pretty good with it, I really am..  and o gosh, then there was the nail trimming, I was informed that my little nails were very sharp indeed and so I had the trim.. and now I can’t cling to things as well as I used to but on the other paw, I don’t get stuck the same either.. 


The whole house is mine to command, I demand food, milk, laps, cuddles and snuggles..  and I gets its.. purr purr purr..  I helps the two legged at work by making sure he is doin a good job.. write, write, write.. and for the other two legged, she has started wearing a jacket with hood and I ride the hood, sometimes I even fall asleep in there while she workin.. 


Sometimes I get to play on the “kitty stand” but only when watched because its quite high and sometimes there is cranky other kitty on it and she does not want to share.. but I like to play on it.. I also have a bell ball to attack.. its mine.. whack, whack.. sometimes I get to play on the floor.. but then the two legged puts a COLLAR on me with a bell on it..  its not nice.. but what can you do.. 


The two legged says is so she can keep a ear out of me cuz I am so wee.. I hope to outgrow the need for a bell but she giggles each time the bell rings on Bells so I don’t know.. it might stick around..  I am warm, I am fat bellied (so much good foods), I am Bells.. Hear me Roar!

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6 Responses to Bells – A wee Update

  1. Silver says:

    She is a cutie and she knows it<3

  2. Widdershins says:

    Heavens to Murgatroid! The cuteness! 😀

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