Changing Ocean Patterns..


Hello Folks, I truly hope that you have had some good things happen this week, we have had the local lockdown move to orange and we have a very low case count at the moment locally so we are catching up on a few things, getting our teeth cleaned/checked any worked needed, order in another set of glasses with the check done late last fall in the last break, we took the check when we could but we have held off till the new year rolled over so we could get coverage for a percentage of the cost.. which only happens every 2nd year. We also have a couple other check ups and so on that will be happening while we have the ability to do so..

There has even been some bits of good news around the world, which is nice.. can always use that.. then there has been some not so good.. what is happening in Texas right now, my friends stay safe down there and that is going to be a BIG cleanup job when that starts..

However the really big news, the longer term going to effect us, canada, and globally that came across my radar is the post I have linked to above..

It is a big long read and honesty some of it for me as a crazy long slog because they are starting and writing this from the point of view that you do not have a basic understanding of the process so i found myself struggling to get though the explaining the process to get to the good stuff.. But the bottom line is.. ITS NOT GOOD STUFF..

if they are right and it surely looks like they might be, its going to to effect our growing season all over in a many ways.. Now I do not just mean, my growing season or yours, I mean it has the ability to effect growing patterns in a number of countries..

On the larger farmer scale, to a point, you can change your crops, there are crops that do better in wetter springs, but wetter falls means higher drying costs, which rises prices over all and because so many are in line for the dryers, it means loss of crop value.. the difference between taking a human grade crop off and getting it dried properly vs having that crop stay to long in a cool wetter fall with a line up for the dryers can easily drop it down to livestock quality.

Now for us personally in terms of growing our food and for our local farmers market gardeners.. this is a HEADS UP! You really need to dig into that read (if you have the basic’s the meat starts about 50 to 60 % downward) and figure out where you are in terms of living and see how you are going to be effected I have readers all over the globe and some are going to be effected by the “warmer” wetter big nasty in the middle.. and many others are not going to have their normal milder climate due to the effects (UK overall) and then there is N.A. Again changing massively to a point on which coast line side you live on.

Someone living in Western Canada is not going to feel the same effects in such a direct way as someone living on the East coast will. I had few folks locally seem to think we would not feel much effects here in the central.. I even had one bold enough to say.. the great lake effect will moderate it..

NO.. while it will make a difference, it WILL not stop what is coming, there is a reason they are called super storms, and their reach will be MASSIVE, I do not want to consider the infrasture damage while trying to figure out help in the middle of C-19..

However for ourselves, we are now living a age that we can plan, prepare and use many garden knowledge and tools to help us continue to have a good year, maybe not a great year for everything.. but with careful planning a good year with care and work, I think its very possable.

I can not take this knowledge and use it to figure out the general overview for where you live as each of you will have your own location and your own personal micro climates and so on.

However for me on the farm, the outtake for my local area looks to be this.

Longer Cooler Spring

Overall Wetter Growing Season with overall lower heat units

Increased possablity of heavy rains

Cooler shorter fall

More Snow with at least a section of a colder winter.

Each of those factors will need to be looked at as its own and I will certainly be watching this very closely but if it continues to look like this is happening, it will effect a number of my garden plans, from how I make the beds, to placemend or even direction of swalls, to putting a couple very shallow rain gardens to more cover crops to shorter growing climbing plans and more..

If you are planning a big garden to help feed your family and to fill your pantry, I strongly recommend you give this information its due and plan accordingly.

This is my heads up.. the AMOC is changing its patterm and we are going to feel its effects globally!

Ps, I will go over all the different adjustments in the garden as those posts go up and make sure to point out, how or why I am doing them in regards to the AMOC weakening..

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4 Responses to Changing Ocean Patterns..

  1. valbjerke says:

    When we move here so many years ago – the weather patterns were very predictable. Short spring, short fall, blisteringly hot summer, brutally cold winter with massive amounts of snow and never ending wind chill factor. You could actually reliably plan the dates to put the garden in, harvest, best time to raise meat birds and not need heat lamps for very long….best times to have the cows calve to take advantage of the grazing.
    Not any more. Slowly but surely – the pattern has changed. Now – we have mud season, and holy crap it’s cold this week season. That’s it. I have never seen so much rain anywhere other than the coast, so little snow other than in the okanagan. We shut our cookstove down and run the wood furnace once it reaches -30, this year we ran it for three days only – first time it’s been lit up in two years. It used to run all winter.
    Gardening has become a whole new ballgame. It’s all one can do to keep things from drowning. The sun hours have been sorely lacking. Last year my reliable 55 day beans – produced nothing. I no longer worry about my bees surviving the cold – I worry about them drowning in humidity in the hive.
    We all need to adapt adapt adapt.

    • O yes.. that is the key adapt, Adapt! However I do think keeping track of something that will have such a wide sweeping multi year effect is worth considering in our plans. I have never had what you had, our farm really does seem to swing based heavily on what is happening in regards to the currents.. I am not close enough to get much lake effect, while others are.. wow 55 day not producing.. that’s brutal for sure..

      • valbjerke says:

        When I have a moment I will read that. Much of our weather is a direct result of what is happening on the coast. By watching the weather there – I can reliably predict the strength of the winds, and to some effect, the temperatures.
        It’s a really cool real time overview of all the weather patterns in the world. I refer to it often.

      • I will check it out, thanks for the link and I am glad that works for you.. that sounds really helpful for sure

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