Gal in the Garden Series – Wool Mulch and Kitchen Garden updates.

Wow.. Just WOW.. June is now officially over and its July!  The summer heat has arrived.. and while the area around me has had lots of rain.. some hail and so forth.. we however have watched the rain move past the farm on one side and then the other..

However I am very carefully still watering in seeded out rows to get them up and started.

I can honestly say that the last month that the gardens have exploded in growth, we are bringing in greens, onions, herbs, rhubarb, strawberries, honeyberries, a few peppers..

Lets have look at the gardens on June 30th..  I am going to post a overview photo and then try and do side by side photos when possible of the plots.. we will see how it goes..

Plot one

Our Messy Plot one at the the start of june..  Above and Plot one end of june.

I have seeded out fast growing root crops between the tomato rows and redid our bigger radish patch in there.. the flowers are outstanding and the amount of native bees that are feeding daily on these are amazing.. the bumbles came lots till the comfrey came on tline and then they moved to it so now its filled with all kinds of tiny and mid-sized native bees.


Plot 2 is coming along very well!..

It is filling in so well and that’s with me harvesting fresh stuff from it daily in regards to herbs and tea fixings.

Moving on to plot 3..  This is my extra wide plot.. its a double plot in size but its still a good thing that soon enough some of the edge things will get harvested and that they have the walk way to grow into in overlap.

O  my gosh.. what a difference on this one.. can I find a middle photo of growth on this one..

Lets look at that one again from a different angle.. at couple weeks ago but still fully planted..

Or so these are the stump gardens.. Plot 6, 7 an 8.. they got made in june..

These are the stump gardens at the end of june.. coming along..

Plot 6..

plot 7..

Plot 8..  that was the day they were planted.. and below take the end of June..

Ok and lets get to plot 5..  at the start of june, just made and planted out..

Looking much better now..

Those Ground Cherrie’s are sure taking their time to get settled in and start growing.. but its finally starting to happen now.

Ah, my still not working right.. plot 4.. what a pain the .. first I had to paint that side of the deck.. then get the climbers temp tied up (with hay twine.. but we finally found and bought the metal clasps that will screw them to the deck.. and the bird seed has seeded out so many sunflowers that we are wanting to pull and transplant.. however there is also the cherry tomato’s, some climbing cucumbers in there and it really needs to be weeded..  it will look better the next time you see it.. LOL

Now on to the new plots.. lets have the first look at plot 9!

So plot nine is a interesting row.. its got a narrow sheep fleece covered walk way behind Plot 3 to reach the fruiting bushes and for weeding.. there is a half step down to plot 9.

This is called the hedge row plot.. it has fruiting, flowering bushes in it.. there is ninebarks, black lace elderberries, high bush cranberries and gooseberry’s that they swear will grow ten feet tall. (we will see on that) there is ground cover in cross clover plants and at the very end is a big raised mound that has zucchini in it.. the next step down is a full step and that is the swell walk way.. it lets you weed the hedge row.. gives in space for in-fill.. has a built in water gathering factor so that the roots from hedgerow can sink its root down and outward.  It also lets you weed and pick from the back side of Plot 10..

Ok, so this is plot 10.. on the back side.. it’s double the width as the front of the fence.  we still need to add two more metal poles in the middle of the fencing.  The front of row is planted into yellow canning bush beans.. this will create a cooling effect on the soil on the back side closest to the fence in the 30ish days that I will be planting out fall pea’s that are is in canning radishes at the moment.. the big middle row on the back side is into canning beets and the very edge is planted into more fresh eating onions for both eating and drying.

Once we make plot 11.. the kitchen garden build for 2019 will be done..  Plot 11 connects the kitchen garden to the path that the rain garden is on the other side of.. Anything on the other side of the rain garden is part of the food forest..

we have one more section but its a slower.. work on it over the season and compost added to it by the fall and plant it out for spring 2020.. that will be plot 12, 13 and 14.. there are 15 plots in total.   Never had I thought that when I started “kitchen garden rebuild” this spring that I would get this garden that is right here in front of me.. WOW.. just WOW..

Plot 15 is current into a potato garden this year.. I will be sharing it in the coming.. “other gardens”  post.. lol

Well, folks.. what do you think? its coming yes?

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5 Responses to Gal in the Garden Series – Wool Mulch and Kitchen Garden updates.

  1. How ‘bout aMAzing?!?

  2. Widdershins says:

    What Deb said!!! 😀 … all your hard work is paying off! 😀

  3. Silver says:

    Your garden has come on so much since planting, your hard work is really paying off for sure! ^_^

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