A “one in a million” Blue Frog

Hubby called out..  come check this out.. we have a blue frog in the pond..

A little online digging came up with this information

According to an article published on Earth Touch News Network, these blue frogs are incredibly rare, and are found in as few as one in one million frogs.
The mutation is caused by a condition called axanthism, and it occurs when a creature is missing pigments from yellow and orange colouration.
In animals such as frogs and snakes, this condition will often leave them a dull grey or brown colour, but in some very rare instances, the lack of yellow gives them a bright blue colour.

So cool..

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9 Responses to A “one in a million” Blue Frog

  1. Silver says:

    How cool is that, what a beautiful frog ^_^

  2. J & D > That’s extraordinary. But does the colouring make it more attractive to frog-eating predators, or less attractive? That’s a rhetorical question of course – just wondering!

  3. Widdershins says:

    Well spotted, Hubs! 😀

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