Friday Rambles around the table “Cold”

Quick, Quick come in.. I hope you put your cold weather kit in car.. its -34 out there today so your winter gear and kits should be topped up before you even think about heading out on the roads at the moment.

Here lets get your layers off.. did you know that Ottawa is the coldest capital in the world today?  I know right.. that’s just crazy but its on the news..

Ya, I know I have lights on. its cold enough that I am keeping the heavy drapes pulled on all the windows to help keep that deep cold out.. I do have double paneled windows and while they are getting on twenty years now so I know at some point they will need to be updated right now they are doing their job well..

The wind chill is brutal, time to break out the full ski-doo suits just to do chores..

I will get the kettle on and I have banana bread today as well as some lovely navel oranges.. they had 8 pound boxes on sale this week.

Opps, sorry about the cone on Marie.. she runs it into everything still.. hopefully she will get better at wearing it over the next while.

Speaking of the cold.. its that time of year again.. last week there were two more barn fires any time there is deep hard cold. It seems like we will hear of a barn fire.  Its a good thing to run over your winter fire prevention check list..

How are you? Did you overload yourself in these first few weeks of new year, I did.. I am blocking in time to get everything done, all I have to say is thank goodness the farm is in the slower down time right now.. I will get the month done but then I am going to slow down on a few things online.

I have to admit that I am really loving taking my photos and can see that this will be a very fun thing to do over the year.. I am enjoying my workouts and getting ready for spring hiking trips. I have not started carrying the gear yet, I am still just carrying me so far.

I am going to get some help with my knee so that ideally I can get it to be stronger, this will be awesome for garden/farm, hiking and riding for 2019.

I am still working on a few posts, who knew that it would take that long to write a post on seeds to buy.. I keep getting one or two more seeds added to the list at a time before I break and go do other things.

Its been a good week in many ways, its also been a week where my edge might be showing a touch.. maybe it is.. its hard to find the right balance at times. Sometimes I want to push harder on things on the blog then are others and I will admit that I am working on balance, I want to keep some things positive.. I do firmly believe that we can do things that will help us in short term and possible long term in regards to dealing with challenges that I feel everyone but the 1 percent will feel.

I am booked for events to learn at, I am booked at events to teach, I am expanding sharing my knowledge and I am seeking those to learn from.

The flip side is that if you are paying attention the news coming out is being backed by data in a clearer and clearer way and none of it is looking good.. This makes me want to “shout” yo! you reading this.. you listening! and… and…

Life at the moment moves on..  and I take my camera out and remember to find joy in the small things..

I am working on finding balance between sharing on the net and doing in real life.. I believe both have great value but I think I am coming down on the 70 percent doing and 30 percent sharing mode. At least that is where I am right now.. adjustments could be made as the year goes on.. Spring and Harvest.. I am sure we will spill over into 80 to 90 percent doing and 10 percent sharing.. it happens every year.

I am putting on looking for a second vehicle for just a little while.. we really do not need it for most of the hard winter and so I will just sock away that extra that we are not spending on having two towards buying the next one. I will need it by spring and later in the year to be able to make my “jobs” off the farm come together in a nice way.

How are you doing on finding your balance at the moment? Just rocking it? Needs tweeking? Not working for you?


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6 Responses to Friday Rambles around the table “Cold”

  1. valbjerke says:

    😁 ‘ski-doo’ suits – we’re from the same generation I think, I haven’t heard them called that since I was a kid living way north in Alberta. Lonjohns, and flannel lined pants too.
    I’m still looking for personal balance….the farm is where I want it, but I’m still trying to decide if I want to go back to work part time – or not. On one hand I’ve put my foot down in terms of going to the gym – not going to give that up for no job. On the other hand – wondering at the monetary value needed to go to work for such short hours. Not going to do full time again…..this is the first time in many many years I feel like I’m on top of the farm commitments and projects. Don’t really want to give that up. Definitely have some thinking to do.

  2. grammomsblog says:

    I’m really enjoying all your new pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Margy says:

    We were cold enough to get some snow this week, but it turned to rain by night and was gone by morning. I’m not complaining, but having grown up in Southern California I enjoy a bit of snow. We close all of our blinds and drapes at night to keep the warmth from the woodstove inside as long as possible. We even use drapes to close off the two downstairs bedrooms that aren’t in use. Sleeping in the loft keeps us in the warmest spot in the cabin. – Margy

    • Good choice for the nice warm spot in the cabin, sounds like you are putting your curtains to good use as well.. it really does make a difference that’s for sure. They say that we will be cold till at least tues but it is to be sunny and bright so the solar heat will come in my one side to help warm the living room. It gets least wind each day as well.. that will help a lot.

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