Winter Kits for your Vehicles

Its that time of year that we should all be switching out the summer gear in the safetly box or kit in our cars for the winter ones.

I have a bought pre-made kit that has all the basics in regards what can happen, including booster cables, but to that I have added grib tracks to help get out of snow, depending on the vehicle and where we were living, snow chains for the tires, and now that they are available solor plug in battery chargers for when we are taking day trips to places that have no plug in’s. Along with a few glow sticks for low level lighting

However that’s more for the truck itself and for getting help, so let talk a little about what I consider a good start in regards to for the peaple traveling in the truck itself, I have the thin safety blankets in the kits itself but I think throwing in tightly done sleeping bags are great idea, plus a wool head cover, extra pairs of gloves (when you work out in the snow and cold the gloves get wet, and then they get cold) Extra pairs of wool socks, same reason as above or if your feet are dry, its lovely to wear them as doubles or if you went though both pairs of your gloves, the wool socks will work double as mitts in a pinch. I keep a pair of wrap around sun glasses in the kits or you could use safety glasses depending on which you can get cheaper, protein bars, bags of nuts or a trail mix are all good choices for winter storage, Water is more tricky, we do put water in the kits but it has to be half to 3/4 full in order to have room to freeze without cracking the jug its in. I would also recommed at least six of the long term candles, plus matches or lighters or both, with a holder thrown in for safety, a candle will throw off a surprising amount of heat in a small space. As for boots, that is up to you, if you often wear work or go to town shoes, then putting a pair of winter boots in the kit would be a good idea, if you tend to wear the winter boots and bring the shoes, then miss this one.

Its a good idea to have balaclavas or homemade knitted cowls with face scarfs or pull up for face covers, the balaclavas are easy to buy and come in a number of styles and the knitted cowls are fun to make, and very useful for all kinds of winter fun..

Last but by no means least, please consider putting in a hand crank flashlight with built in radio so that if you are without power in the truck or car, that you can have light with the candles burning, and you can check the weather and news updates etc.

Now for many of you, I would assume that having a phone would be a good idea, and if you get coverage in the area’s you are traveling in, then please feel free to add that to the list along with chargers either vehicle, solar or hand cranked versions, but given that alot of the places we drive don’t have any coverage, its a matter of know your local area and what will or will not work.. Perhaps a CB would be a better choice for your area..

The best advice I can give on winter driving is remember, if its storming, and you don’t have to be on the roads stay off them, if you do have to be on the roads, drive care, drive slow and give yourself that extra wiggle room, and listen to your inner voice.. at least three times in my life, I have been driving and just “known” that I needed to get off the road and sit this one out until I feel its a better time to drive, better to get somewhere late then to not get there!

This is a Homestead Preparedness Challange Post..

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4 Responses to Winter Kits for your Vehicles

  1. Deb W says:

    Yup, I hear ya on the listening to your “little voice” thing. So many times you just get an overwhelming urge to take a different route, pull over for a break or do one more little task before leaving the house. Sure as you don’t listen? Well I’ve still got a scar from when that little voice said “You shouldn’t be doing this!” and instead of listening I answered back “Oh one more time won’t hurt.” Didn’t listen then, but I’ve listened ever since.
    Thanks for the great posting. (You look great in blue BTW; )

  2. Allie says:

    Great list! Thanks!! 🙂

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