Sad Eyes..

Well, I am both relieved and feel a bit silly all rolled into one.. sort of

What I knew was the Marie has bump that turned into a lump that she chewed on and turned it into a messy wound.. I booked her to see the vet, assuming that the lump needed to be removed and checked so that we could ideally get the wound cleaned up.

I was very worried about the big C.. she is getting up there in age..

Turns out it’s a lick granuloma

Which means that bump itched and bugged Marie so she started chewing it and licking it and she made the wound and it means she keeps the wound open and raw..

I have never had a dog do that before so I did feel a bit silly having jumped to the big baddies but the last couple times I had an issue it was cancer and so I just moved there a bit to fast in my head I guess.

It didn’t help that I have never seen this before.. Lily girl had hot spots and she had allergies with itchy feet but she never ever licked them and chewed them into open, weeping wounds.

So we had to go though her history and what if anything had changed.. but the truth is.. nothing has changed, no new dog, no dog loss, no company, no major changes. So I really do not believe that is an added stress” kind of thing.

Today we are going with a cone and meds and cream for two weeks and then we will see where we are at.. I have ordered in a different kind of cone and a special leg cover that will give me some flexibility in what is used so Marie can have different things at different times for what works best for her.

So there we go at the moment.. on one hand, great news.. On the other hand, this can be a real issue.. if you can not break the habit, sometimes they need to go on longer term antibiotics for 3 to 6 months, plus creams and at times they even need short-term meds to mellow them out.

We are starting with the most basic and we will see what the next two weeks results are. Thanks you folks for all your kind thoughts earlier this week.

Ps. boy was the roads bad today.. there was a blowing, drifting snow and its was so cold.. everything took 2 to 3x the normal amount of time to get anywhere due to the road conditions.

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12 Responses to Sad Eyes..

  1. mariazannini says:

    You were right to seek medical treatment though. Lick granulomas can get serious and they’re difficult to treat if you don’t know what caused it.
    I hope Marie recovers soon. Give her a kiss from me. 🙂

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  3. Silveryew says:

    I am glad it’s nothing more serious, and I hope she gets better soon ^_^

  4. After having done the “cone thing” for weeks, the best you can do is give her as much clear space as possible and also teach her to “back up!” The poor dogs think they’ve got room, but the blasted cone wobbles left and right as they walk and they wind up getting snagged anyway:/

  5. Widdershins says:

    Good news, but oh dear, the ‘cone of shame’ 😀

  6. J & D > Better to have over-reacted than to be indifferent. We’ve just discovered a lump on Tilly’s side, just behind her front right leg. We think it may be a fatty tumour, but in any event tomorrow we’ll make an appointment to see the vet. Glad your wee one is okay!

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