Spider Plants “repotting”

Spider Plant “Chlorophytum comosum”  

It’s a favorite plant of mine, I have always liked this ribbon striped grass like plant since I was a child. It is easy to care for and very hard to kill to be honest. It can be grown in indirect light. It can be set on a shelf or hung in a basket.

Now I have to admit that the smaller younger plants look great in their smaller pots and will add a great texture and color to lots of spots to pick from in your house.

The big plants to me look better in a big old hanging pot so that you can see the flowers and the baby spiders it will make to the best advantage.

The plants are fast growing so you will need to re-pot them up until you get them to the big size you want and then you will need to do select trimming to keep them at that size.

I was very pleased to re-pot these two up today. They have doubled in size since I got them and I can’t wait till they send out their tiny white flowers an decide that they might like to produce a few babies.

They do need a well-drained pot, (none of these no hole bottom pots you see at times now in the store) when it comes to your spider plant, please get a pot that has a drain hole to it. Having said that, they don’t like to have wet feet and so its a good idea to let them dry out a bit between watering

If you let it go to long, you can get little brown tips on the ends of the leaves, don’t worry just tip them off and they will keep on trucking.  They are a hardy plant for sure.

Spider Plants are on the top ten plants to have to help clean your air on the Nasa list of plants they recommend to clean air quality in a enclosed space.  I think I would need a lot more plants but every little bit helps right 🙂

Do you have a spider plant? I bet your grandmother did! What is your oldest plant? Do you or have you gifts baby spider plants to family and friends? Its a great starter plant for kids rooms.


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21 Responses to Spider Plants “repotting”

  1. Becky says:

    That is a very healthy looking spider plant. We had a small one my daughter started a few years back, but because she left it outside, remembers to water it infrequently, and generally ignores it, it’s not as good looking. I will say, however, it is hardy:)

  2. Haven’t had one for years. Yours is/are gorgeous!

  3. “C. comosum ‘Variegatum’ has darker green leaves with white margins. It is generally smaller than (C. comosum ‘Vittatum’) and its long stems are green”

  4. NOW I know why I like your variety better; )

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