Odd Bits Sunday

How is your Sunday? Good I hope, I wish you the very best

I have worked many a sunday in my day so I know that not everyone has the day off but if you do, I hope your chore list is short and you get some down time with family or friends doing something you love.

Hubby and I are in slow mode, well I am slower then him, as I tire so easy but we got the work table corner area all sorted and tidied up and moved to a new location for a number of things.

The reason for this was that I really wanted to get my two tier plant growing rows set up and going so that I can start radishes, micro greens and Salad Greens to go with my sprouts.

The mirror got a clean up and got put behind to help reflect the light back to the plants rather then hit the wall. This is a very sheltered area of the house and draft free. The plants will do well here.

Then we needed to get the snow fence up and around the storm garden to be.. aka the new pond LOL right now its a big hill and a pond. It certainly would not be safe to have that unmarked in the winter snow.  While its not that deep, its just not worth any risk.

At that point, we needed to do a little storm repair while the sun shined and it was only a calm -10. In the last high winds some of the siding up high had popped out of its track and while it was loose it was holding in current place.

Still if the wind hit it just right, it could have come off and so up the ladder hubby went while I bundled up wearing a very thick scarf wrapped around my head and ears stood on the end and handed things up and down the ladder..

One of those silly little things that take two people and time to get ready and then takes no time to do itself 🙂

Then we took a look at the two big windows that were drafting, we had planned on doing something from the inside but the issue is that we can not put a film on, the hounds like to bounce up to the windows and bark like mad when folks come or go.

So we had a good look at and went, I think we could do a thick foam insulation from the outside that would make a huge difference if we pushed it into slot just so.. so the next two hours was spent up ladders, working with foam.

Success, as soon as I put my hand on the inside a noticeable effect.. wonderful!

As I have a good amount of time where I am down resting, I researched thermal curtains and did a bunch of work on figuring out what we work best for us and give us both sun/heat blocking in summer heat and had PROVEN thermal blocking in winter.

I finally tracked down a company that had done tests and had real numbers to show and they happen to have a amazing sale on for black Friday.   Hubby and I went over the numbers and decided to go for it.

The data says they are able to reduce heat loss at windows by 25%, now that might not seem like much but it would add up over time.

Decided on a Rust color for the living room and a sage green for the bathroom. Now we see how long it takes for them to get here with the postal rolling strikes in effect.

Well, hubby just got excited that his battery is fully charged so off we go to put up new insulation on the door frame for the deck door..

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3 Responses to Odd Bits Sunday

  1. Silveryew says:

    I’m glad you took it a bit easier this Sunday, to give you a chance to rest. Good thinking to mark the pond, wouldn’t want anyone or anything falling in.
    We’ve noticed that the bedroom is not as chilly in the evenings now, after we were gifted a lovely lined pair of curtains for it. It does keep the heat in so do think they’re a worthwhile investment. ^_^

    • morning Silveryew, thanks, I was in bed early last night and slept really well, no fever, no coughing fits which makes me happy. I had found light sheer curtains for the living room at the second hand shop and they are very cute but they do nothing to help keep the heat in. I hope like you that we will notice a effect on keeping the heat in. nice to hear they are working for you 🙂

  2. Widdershins says:

    A day well spent! 😀

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