No Buy Nov -Week 3a

Nov 16th

Snow, finally the snow arrived and the first shoveling happened, I am in charge of clearing the deck and the steps, but I have to admit that I did not feel up to it and hubby did the first snow clearing of 2018.

Its a quiet day to be honest, getting ready for a putter weekend, hubby asked me to make sure it was just us this weekend, a good choice as we have had company pretty much weekly for a bit (which has been fun) but great to take a weekend off.

A bad coughing day and fever off and on most of the day which has made layering needed.. I know its me and not the house.. cold/hot

It was a writing day for me, I was just in the mood to write and put down over 3000 words in different blog posts, some posted and some coming.

Nov 17th

The farm cats are in their full fluffy winter coats but little wee Paris is just starting to grow in her winter coat, I expect she will need to wear a extra coat if she wants to spend much time outside now that its getting cold..

I had put out sticky mouse traps in a few places, I have not seen any mice or signs but its fall and its the time of year they tend to come.. I hear whining and clunk, clunk and there is my wee paris, both front paws stuck to the glue, hopping along with the disk..

Ok, I will admit that I laughed, I mean come on.. but then I rushed to her help and needed to trim her fur on her feet, I was able to detach her and then trim the hair, then washed her feet in warm soapy water and well rinsed as I didn’t want her trying to pull and then eat any tiny bits of glue or get bits stuck to it on her feet.

She was very good about letting me give a helping hand, so then I decided it was a good day to trim all the dogs toenails. man, Dezbots grow so fast, thankfully they are white so easy to trim compared to black ones.

Hubby did the town trip and got the required things we needed for a few more of our farm projects over the next two weeks, we have so much per pay day set to the side that is for farm work/repair/winter prep etc. Its truly amazing how fast that budget goes and how little comes home for it..

Still each project does matter in the long haul. I did not do much, just the basic’s to be honest and I napped twice.. I really want this fever to break.. but I did have my first 15 min of fresh air. I bundled up tight and it was so lovely to get out in the sunshine.

We had maybe a hour or so of sunshine though the day otherwise overcast and I enjoyed every minute of it 🙂 Early to bed, hubby spent his extra time working on a new short story.

Henry has a deep sleep box (tote) filled with straw in a pen inside the little barn, he still has some trouble getting his own share at the bigger cat feeders so he gets his own feed dish to eat in piece and I am happy to see that he well settled. He is a very good hunter of the barn he is in. We have decided that for the winter, he will have the run of the barn during the day for hunting, time to play and etc, but in the evening, he goes in his pen. He has it all figured out lol..  He loves his pen, its got his people cuddle chair, his ledge on the window to look outside, his sleep box and his own private feeding spots.

He runs to it and waits for you to get there.. lol.. Cats can certainly be creatures of habit.. given the amount of purring coming from him, he seems good with his new routine. Still he is happy to get out and hunt as well.

Nov 18th

O my gosh, I got to sleep though the night and no fever! WHOOT! you have no idea how excited I am that I got a full nights sleep without waking up a number of times.. I did cough lots after waking up and getting moving.  I felt great and got busy.. only took 45 min of work to have me sweating and tired..

It was such a good tired.. hubby and I got the working corner sorted and moved around and got the plant stand set up.. I am so excited to get the trays cleaned and then filled and picking out seeds 🙂

Hubby was able to get the snow fencing up on his own, while I had a bit of a rest and did a load of laundry and had a visit with mom.

After lunch, it was time to bundle up and take advantage of the sun, the lack of wind and get some outside things done outside, we got siding snapped back together, we got new foam liner into the windows to help block drafts. Hubby got a new liner up to block any drafts on the deck door.

I had just enough energy to ask hubby to bring in my ten gallon fish tank that we got when we have “bright eyes” the turtle and hubby uses it each spring when he saves tadpoles and raises them up till they climb out and move into our yard.

It took a good scrub and then I got it set up and moved Blue Bruce the fighting fish into his new digs.. so much room.. the fish bowl the plant seemed huge and Bruce was big.. lol.. now the tank seems very empty, I do have nine snails and one fish.

I have done my research and at some point I will get a few more plants and a few more aqua critters to fill up the tank more.  You have to be careful on what you put in with a Batta fish as roommates.

Hubby still had get up and go but I was pretty much done for the day. I went to bed very early.. hubby worked on taking up tiles in the one room so that we can get them off the floor and get floor repaired and new lino installed in this room.

Nov 19th

Well, I had gone to bed before 8pm and I woke up when hubbies alarm when off at 4:45 am and have been awake since, I am sure I will need a nap at some point today. Still I had a amazing sleep.. I think I am finally on the mend. (Nope, while I did lay down to rest, I did not nap)

It snowed overnight and there is just a inch or inch and half of snow on the deck/steps to clear off today.  Its to keep snowing off and on all week long is what they say.  I need to pick a book to start reading in list of books to review.

Excited on the savings we have done over the first part of Nov..

We have reached our goal of setting the “house/grocery/allowance” weekly budget to the side  and we have saved enough to cover Miss S spay and after care. The nice thing about this is that we did not need to touch savings to make this happen, we just tightened our belts and eat out of the pantry/off farm.

I can’t say that we have been ultra frugal this month in some ways, we did get the big Christmas present that had been on our buy list, we did order in the thermal curtains on the black Friday sale prices.. They were on a very good sale with free shipping.

However we have reached past our first goal for extra savings, so I do take that as a win! If we save enough to reach the second goal by the end of the month, it will be a full success regards of our little setbacks.

I had found this pretty lady/planter in the fall at the second-hand store for .50 cents and today I potted up the baby Aloe Vera plant into her basket. I think its cute.

Got three tray of soil set up for the grow area, cleaned the trays, pots and tops, prepped the soil, sorted the seeds and I planted out the salad micro-greens.

So far I know I will be planting..

Green onion bulbs
Pumpkin Seeds

I think I might start slipping a sweet potato as well, just get some vines going for potting up and growing by the big living room windows..

I think I am going to do four to six pots of pumpkin plants that will be transplanted out into bigger pots that will run along the half wall in front of the side window. I hope that there will be enough light, otherwise, I might have to set up another light row somewhere else to keep them growing. Will keep you posted on how it goes.

I also spent a goodly amount of time on a reno project, its slowly coming.. Its friend visiting tonight/game night as its Monday 🙂




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5 Responses to No Buy Nov -Week 3a

  1. Silveryew says:

    A productive week, I’m glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now. And hurray for saving up enough to have Miss S spayed!

    • Thanks so Much Silveryew, I would have made sure she got done either way but it just makes it a bit nicer to have a clear goal on what I wanted the savings to go for. I will admit that I am always a bit nervous about then going under for surgery, Its hard on their body’s. So I will be a little worry wort till she is done and home again so I can track her recovery myself.

  2. I’m glad you are starting to feel better. Henry sounds like he has a good set up, hopefully he will help control the mice. We do battle with them every year as they try to move in to our space during the fall. I found one little one sleeping in my fruit bowl! The wee mouse and the last of my apples all went out! Unfortunately, a cat is out of the question as I am very allergic so its constant trapping and vigilance for us.

    I think I might have an internet crush on your husband. A man who rescues tadpoles – swoon….

    • Hi Crafty, Me too.. Me too, I am so glad that I finally healing and feeling more like myself. I am taking care as I do not want to back slide, It did me good to have my hands in the soil and working with the plants and seeds.

      Wow on the mouse and apples.. I can see why they went out! LOL

      Allergies are hard, I can’t have cats in the bedroom or on the bed etc.

      🙂 I know.. hubby is a darlin in so many ways. the funniest thing is he is totally blind to all the “swoon” looks he gets from the ladies..

  3. Widdershins says:

    Henry looks very happy to be home. 😀

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