November No Buy

Now normally it is No Buy Feb and I might do that one as well.. but I have been reading along on a couple of blogs and a Facebook group that are all doing “reduce” or no Buy challenges.

The Facebook group is asking for 7 days.. really I have to admit that I went huh.. cuz 7 days really does not get the point home to me.. I mean I guess if you truly are the type of person that really only does keep 3 days of fresh food in your house, maybe.. or maybe if you are a skip the dishes regular or count of the good food box (which I am not knocking as at least it is Fresh food in a box that comes with recipes that you make at home, I would never knock fresh food/home cooking.. you go!)


But if you count on ordering it to give you meals because you do not have extra’s well then I guess the 7 day no buy could be felt. I think for most of us who are homesteaders in fall, our pantries overflow with things but on the other hand, Nov at least in my zone and many area’s of the states means that our gardens are done.

I am looking at doing a No Buy Nov for a few reason’s

  • I want to save a bit of money for other projects
  • I want to focus on the farm
  • I want to push myself to use what is available right now on the farm and explore possibility’s that I miss because I normally do this in Feb
  • I do not have any milking animals this month which means that I have limited milk products, I do have dried milk powder, dried buttermilk powder and of course canned milk.. So I am not without but I am limited.

My regular rules for a no buy apply here.. I will pay my bills, I will buy all needed farm and farm critter needs.  I will allow us to buy what ever is still needed in regards to fall/winter repair on the farm.


I will if I need to have a small? hmm 20 dollar budget for the whole month for possible blog projects, if required. It’s not free money for any other use.

Hubby as always is out of the challenge when traveling for work but is in the challenge when on the farm and or taking his meals/snacks and such from the farm.  He needs a new pair of boots but we will get them before Nov arrives.  His old pair earned their retirement.

As always required vet/farrier needs for my farm or house critters will be done on time.

I have really enjoyed reading and back reading on The Realm of Silveryew  and her weekly posts that have a daily little putter note on how things went.. I am not sure my time on the farm will be as interesting as I find her’s .. I am just in awe of some of the finds she has gotten.. I want bags of apples for 45p (and yes I had to look that up to confirm that would be 45 cents) and then to have the store owner just gift them.. how lovely!

I will be allowed to barter.. I am not sure what if anything I will be bartering for or with.. but it’s still allowed!

We will see how the month goes. It will be a good thing to switch it up to a different time of the year! I will let you know now much I saved at the end of the month to go towards the project I am saving for.



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10 Responses to November No Buy

  1. mariazannini says:

    Good for you!

    We do a No Buy month in January, but when things are looking tight, we sometimes stop our spending cold turkey until we’re back where we need to be.

    • Sometimes it just needed, you take a good hard look at what needs to be done and you have a choice.. either find a way to lower the costs somewhere else or go into debt on it, when its is a must do.. I would much rather do a “spend” freeze and not go into debt.

  2. Nicola Simmons says:

    I think there might be real value in moving the no buy month around, within the year. Different challenges in different months. I will be reading with interest!

  3. Sounds good. I will be watching to pick up extra tips! I, for one, would love to hear about your day to day puttering. It will be No Spend for us for the next little while too, right after we get our new winter tires put on. They cost a month’s wages but because they make our trip up our hill safer in the winter, they are non-negotiable. Good luck with No Spend November!

  4. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Looking forward to seeing how you do it….

  5. silveryew says:

    Oh thank you for the mention! We are almost out of Austober now but we’ve always lived quite frugally. It was just necessary to be even more inventive these last two months until we both got paid and Husband’s PIP payment came through.
    Good luck on your No Buying November challenge! I think we will have to buy food (can’t not have tea with milk, England would be at each other’s throats by lunchtime otherwise). But we may do a Nearly There November just to use up some of the jars in the cupboards to ensure stuff is used up.

    • Morning Silveryew. Your more then welcome for the mention, I am glad that things are getting a little less tense in regards to getting things sorted and payments coming in.. I like your Nearly there November idea.. very cute and will make you get creative on meals.

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