Zucchini Fruit

I love Zucchini canned fruit..  This is often called Mock Pineapple and I have talked about it before on the blog. I have done it a number of different ways, my grandmother made a version of it with lemon’s.

Dear hubby loves it with mixed fruits, including peaches or even as the base of a fruit cocktail..  However this batch.. It’s perfectly done plain and I adore it!

Take large over grown zucchini and skin and gut it and cut it into cubes.

For every 6 cups of chopped zucchini I added one cup of sugar and 1/4th cup of lemon juice to mix though the fruit. The sugar is needed to help create a light syrup to can the fruit in but just as important it pulls the juice out of the fruit. The lemon juice is to increase the acid in the recipe.  Once you are done as much fruit as you are doing. Over and let it sit at room temp for six to 12 hours..

At the end of that time, you will see the above, it will have pulled enough juice to create the syrup, if for some reason your’s are drier then normal, you can make a sugar syrup on the light side per your canning fruit book.

Bring this to a simmer and simmer the fruit till the fruit turns clean and golden yellow in color. Test your fruit, it should be firm but have NO crunch left to it 🙂  Put into your washed, cleaned and prepped for water bath canning jars and lids.  Leave half a inch head space, water bath can 15 for pints and 20 minutes for quarts.  Store in a cool dark place, will last a year in storage.


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