This and that Post.. Family and Gravel

Wow, its been busy.. Dear Hubbies mom flew in from Alberta and its has kept us running pretty much since.. she headed home yesterday.. and I am back on the blog.. Whoot!

Our home was the center, as his mom has fragile health and limited mobility at this point, so we have lots of family come visit over the time she was here, some for the day, some for a couple days at a time, our guest rooms and beds were full ๐Ÿ™‚

Its fair to say that the dogs are missing all the company, they loved all the pats, cuddles and play times. Lots of lovely meals was made and served.. I did a smaller finger food for when we have more folks and little ones around, so that it was easierย  for everyone to get different choices., Everyone got sent home with fresh buns and farm eggs

Then the other thing that happened was that our gravel arrived to redo the drive way, it needs a touch more work done with the rake but it looks amazing! It really needed to be done.. The laneway itself took 27 tons and we got a second load for the front parking area and the side walkway by the house.. so great to have that done before winter hits. Lots more packing it down to go yet.. I will drive up and down the drive with the truck and help it get packed down.

I will be doing a full post on it coming soon but I have been faithfully doing October unprocessed again this year. I was so pleased that we were able other then one single meal, (and not in oct) we were able to totally prepare all our meals on the farm. Its harder then it sounds to get folks to not just want to stop for fast food lunch or lets go out..

Everyone enjoyed the meals and we have a early thanksgiving dinner (Canadian) for his mom with all her favorite trimmings including her asked for apple pie. The hit for everyone was this little wee girl.. They adored my farm dogs but the wee Paris never lacked a lap LOL

Everyone have a great day!!


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6 Responses to This and that Post.. Family and Gravel

  1. Your buffet looks so welcoming! I am loving your rooster platter on the wall. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Widdershins says:

    What fun times you must’ve had. ๐Ÿ˜€

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