Lamb Veggie Soup Recipe for the canner

Good Morning Folks

I tracked my amounts this past weekend when I was canning a couple different recipes.

The perk of this recipe is that you can switch that lamb burger with beef or any other kind of dark meat (including wild.. would work with deer or moose).


Prep work is required.. Cook your meat and drain off extra fat, I do not rinse my meat but will drain off the extra fat.  Prepare your Veggies and mix them well.

Lamb Veggie Soup Recipe for canning up of 18 pints

3 pounds lamb at 1/3rd cup of cooked lamb per jar

80z of mushrooms

5 pounds of carrots

1 pound of onions

1 large bunch of celery/greens included

4 peppers

Heaping cup of veggie mix per jar, if a touch leftover.. just split between the jars

Beef or lamb broth to cover. Make sure your broth is very hot when it goes in the jars and that it matches the hot water being put in your Pressure Canner.

75 minutes at ten pounds for pints/ 90 for pints

I like the fact that I can split everything in amounts in the jars but you also have the choice of adding your cooked and cooled meat and putting it over top your veggies and then with very clean hands or spoon, you can gently mix it though and then use the pre-mixed meat bits and veggies.

For me.. they mix when they are moved out of the jar and heated so it makes a difference really only in the way the jar looks on the shelf.. not in the serving bowl 🙂

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3 Responses to Lamb Veggie Soup Recipe for the canner

  1. valbjerke says:

    That looks delicious! My favourite meat for that is rabbit. It gets thickened on the stove when I open it and tossed into a double crust for rabbit pie 😊

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