The summer raspberries are early, they should not be starting till late july but this heat has everything moving faster. Last night we had salad made up of our freshly picked tomato’s and Peppers.  Sunday was spent cleaning up our biggest raspberry patch. It had been pruned well in 2017 and it is truly loaded with fruit this year.

However it was not pruned this year and it didn’t get the out area cleaned out and kept out either and those lovely “weeds” not weeds loved all the feeding and manure I had put into the soil.  Hubby cleaned out all around it and then we carefully made two in rows into the patch so you can walk in and reach from all the sides..

So many Raspberries are coming.. but if we do not get rain, I am going to have to haul water to give them a drink or I will lose some of the harvest.. The ones we are getting are looking really good so far.. Its daily picking at this point..

I picked yesterday morning and by this morning, I was bringing in more cups of them, sugared and into the freezer they go. I am going to just keep freezing them as they come in (well, any that are not just eaten fresh with a bit of cream) so I can make batches of things at a later point.  My fruit/veggie freezer is slowly but surely starting to fill up. I need to pick more pea’s today and get more bean runners to climb their leads.

I have the plan to make some lovely tarts in the near future..  It would be so good with some fresh bright red jewels in it… Hmmm o yes!

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  1. Enjoy! There is nothing better than fresh berries.

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