A little Garden photo update

This is a photo heavy post.. there is so much to do yet but we are working on things on a daily base..

Week three in the horse trough salad green garden. lots of picking to be done for greens this week.  There is lots of salad to be had to go with my wilder forage pickings.

The wild strawberries are going in full bloom already, where the garden strawberries are much later in their starts.

Forgot a squash in the garden and it went to seed on the same spot.. never had that happen so clearly before even in compost pile it tends to get moved more then this did 🙂

I will need to pull these up and move a number of them to grow them out, the sad thing is that they were not pure crossed or maybe they are.. no way to know.. so its a guessing game on what they will produce, but I must find out after they worked so hard to sprout.

so many fruiting bushes getting ready to bud out but just not there yet!

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3 Responses to A little Garden photo update

  1. mariazannini says:

    I like your garden trough idea. I need to find me something trough like to start some greens–especially when it starts to get hot. I can bring them inside and out of the heat.

    • It works really well, you could also easily made a shade cloth topper for it when it comes to the heat.. but what I do, is start it early in the season with the greens and cover with the glass, once these are harvested I will plant it out into peppers or other heat loving plants and bed it down heavily to keep the moisture in. I get bumper crops in it that way.. Its flexable that way and you can get a fall crops.. I like to do roots like beets or carrots and then carry them longer with the cover on frost nights and have at times harvested quite late in the fall after everything else is out already

  2. Widdershins says:

    Oftentimes I can’t bear to pull out a little sprout who made it through the compost, and they turn out to be the sturdiest plants of the lot. 😀

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