Broad Bean or Fava Bean Harvest 2017

These guys were planted at the same time as the peas when the soil can just be started to be worked early spring and unlike the peas which have struggled this year, they all came up. They were in a rich bed that was slightly raised 4 to 6 inches, with good drainage and full sun.Despite the never ending rain, they produced well, they have done a great job on a average year, one a dry-drought year and now good in a super wet-wet year.. tough plants indeed

I like to use these in simple ways, dried in butter an salt an pepper till the outside is golden brown an the inside is soft and mushy when you crack though the outer.. yum

but I have been known to take the time to take out the cooked middle, mash them into a verson of Fava Hummas, garlic, oil, seasoning salt over crunchy toast.. heavenly..

What is your favorite way to use these wonderful beans?


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