The River is Open..

The farm has two creeks an a big river within easy walking distance..

Love this photo taken off our local one lane old bridge.. it showed more pink-orange to the naked eye but came out more pink-purple in photo.. o well.. its still lovely either way I think.

As the recommendation came out for this year for how many fish of what type per person per month can eat for our local river, it got me thinking that I have never done a post on what kind of fish are our most common locally here on the blog..

Black Crappie


  • length: 18-25 centimetres (7-10 inches)
  • weight: 0.23–0.45 kilograms (0.5–1.0 pounds

    Angling tips

    • move in schools
    • bite during the day, especially during overcast weather
    • bite most often during low light periods (dawn and dusk)
    • best fishing in April and early May as the ice clears, and crappie follow schools of bait into warmer, shallow water
    • eyes are positioned to see upward, so work bait slightly above them
    • use light spinning or fly-fishing tackle and 6-pound or less line

Brown Bullhead


  • length: 20-36 centimeters (8-14 inches)
  • Slow calm waters

Channel Catfish


  • length: 36-53 centimetres (14-21 inches)
  • weight: 0.9-1.8 kilograms (2-4 pounds)

  • Habitat

    • warm-water habitats in lakes and streams
    • cooler and swifter water than most other Ontario catfish
    • fast water downstream from power dams

Common Carp


  • length: 30-75 centimetres (12-30 inches)
  • weight: 0.2-3.5 kilograms (0.5-7 pounds)

Smallmouth Bass


  • length: 25-50 centimetres (10-20 inches)
  • weight: 0.5-1.6 kilograms (1-3.5 pounds)
  • Habitat

    • clear, rocky lakes and rivers
    • shoreline rocks and points, offshore shoals, deep water
    • similar to trout habitat but with a wider range of temperatures



  • Typical length: 35.5–58.4 centimetres (14-23 inches)
  • Typical weight: 0.68–1.36 kilograms (1.5-3 pounds)

Yellow Perch


  • length: 15-30 centimetres (6-12 inches)
  • weight: 0.35 kilograms (0.75 pounds)

There are a number of more that can be found now an again but these are the most common.. A good selection, some that like the more open water, some that love the murky creeks, some that love the wide slow swings of  the river..

As for the amounts that are allowed per my fishing permit.. more then I have time to fish an catch lol..  Different ones are better at different times of the year an even different parts of the day.

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