Second Hand Shops

I would love to tell you that I am a tidy person but I am not, I am more of an organized craziness..  LOL  Honestly, I can tell you if I have it, and 98.9 percent of the time I can find it in quickly and its right where it should be.. and I do two deep cleans on the house, barns, buildings and yard twice yearly..

The rest of the time.. we get it done.. there are only so many hours and so many hands on the farm, and things get ranked on what must be done, an sometimes that includes riding your horse or taking that hike or going camping because those times might never come again.

My house is filled with second-hand belongings.. I mean that in totally, It’s a very rare thing to buy something new..  Looking in my living room at the moment, I have original artwork, I collect ravens, I bought the amazing seed starting wooden shelving new, but it was a custom-made support a local buy and I bought my seed starting soil and the lights for that, and other than that.. nothing I see. in any direction  of me looking was bought new.. it’s all second-hand, farm actions, gifts, or hand-made by myself or hubby.

From curtains to couches, to table, chairs, benches and bookcases and more.. all got locally at a fraction of the price of new..

Now just because they are got second-hand does not mean that they are not nice.. I thought I would share some of my finds so far in 2017. I adore finding things that are Canadian made or very well made or handmade with history.

I think I might have to admit that I am getting a slowly growing collection of soup or stew tureens. Not that I mind at all, they are such useful items to have on the farm.. This lovely big handmade one from Quebec, that I am dating from what I can track down from the 1970’s was gotten for 3 dollars..

This was a matter of being at the right place at the right time.. This is another Quebec handmade hand loamed item that was found for a mear 2 dollar.. I expect that this set of three that I got must have come from the same home, I can only assume that someone was downsizing and didn’t understand the value of these table cloths, I got the handmade one (which per their website, is around a 300 hundred dollar value if got new), a handmade one from Spain for a 1 dollar and I got this amazing lace for another dollar. the lace was made in Italy..  Stunning! (they are in the special guest drawer, not the every day or time table cloth drawers, I love table cloths and use them all the time!

Last but not least in any way is a new sweet teapot to add to my fun little collection 🙂

In today’s world, its nice to slow down and take the time to shift though the clutter and find what I consider to be the winning items that make their way into my home. I am grateful for the history that each item has!

The sun is shining today and the temps are going up slowly but surely.. with a high of minus 7 today, compared to the past week, it feels down right warmish out there. I am looking forward to farm sales starting up this spring 🙂


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6 Responses to Second Hand Shops

  1. D > Buying previously owned is an opportunity to furnish our homes and lives – and let’s not forget our crofts / homesteads and farms – more beautifully, more pleasingly, more usefully than we might otherwise be able to afford. Moreover the previous owner is consoled and the world relieved of its burden of waste. Puts the good back into good!

  2. Widdershins says:

    We almost always hit the thrift shops for around-the-house stuff. I’m a teapot-a-holic too … Mdme Bunnypot is adorable. 😀

  3. I HONESTLY read this post as if I wrote it myself 🙂 All down to the last sentence. I love a bargain and second-hand shops offer just that – affordable great value 😉 Every chance I get, I go through thrift stores looking for handmade blankets or throws. I knit and crochet myself too, but I can never pass the savings the store offers. Sometimes they cost less than the yarn itself! Hand-me-downs are a favourite too. I am never after “trends” and “what’s in” and some hand-me-downs have been from people that appreciate quality and they buy all the time anyway lol LOVED THE POST

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