Puddin an Pie..

Pie was picked up the weds before Christmas, she was bigger then I expected. slid in my hands as I cradled her, friendly and sweet..

She has had time to bond with puddin  over the holidays, and they get along so well, puddin has adopted her an pie just being a babe says yes please.. she often cuddles so close to puddin, that she just disappears under that long coat

yesterday, I cracked out the camera and did a wee photo shoot..  Enjoy!dscn0971My mom found me this awesome mug from England and it was my Christmas present, very limited time she was going to fit in it.. 🙂 This is her official welcome portrait lol

Now for the free stacks and nose to the camera poses..




As she is a red roan, not sure how her color will change out with age..  she is just a cutie pie..

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