Canada 150 Year Birthday!

Canada is turning 150 years old this year and there are many planned events across the country and there are 150 planned events for Ottawa our national capital city..  I know that a few at least will end up here on the blog in story and photo for sharing..

Just as exciting to me, I have gotten one of our lovely free for 2017 park passes, this means that instead of paying to get in for day use to our national parks and national area’s, we can go in for free this year..

For those that like my local area trip pictures, you will be happy to know that more will be coming as we are hoping to do a number of day trips to different parks for a hike and explore on the frugal side.

One of the other things that interests me the Canada 150 blog food challenge by the Culinary historian group that I belong to.. in case there are other fellow Canadian bloggers that missed this announcement and would like to join in.. here is the info and the link information you will need 🙂

Don’t have a blog but love the history of food and the tie in to the Canadian history.. consider checking out your local CHC events and programs.. don’t live close enough to do it live.. join the facebook group and get the monthly newsletter 🙂

They say, that a Ottawa chapter is in the works and I am so there!

CHC Canada 150 Food Blog Challenge 2017

CHC invites food bloggers to participate in our Canada 150 Food Blog Challenge. We’ll be naming a topic for every month and publicizing entries throughout Canada’s sesquicentennial year. At the end of 2017, we’ll choose our favourite participating blogs and sponsor them for entry into Taste Canada’s 2017 blog category. Bloggers need not contribute every month to be considered.

We’re looking for blog posts of any length and in either French or English. The approach could be:

  • An experiment with a historic recipe
  • An essay on a topic relating to culinary history
  • A contemporary take on a traditional dish
  • A report on an event or visit to a historic site
  • A family story with a recipe that relates to the topic
  • A discussion about historic techniques for gathering, preserving or preparing food
  • …or any other similar topic

January 2017: Fish and Seafood
To enter, publish your entry within the month of January 2017 and post it on the CHC Facebook page before midnight on Friday, February 17.

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