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Finding Joy Fa la la

When I need a break from this big old world, the news and more.. I take a deep breath, center myself and find that zen to work with animals/camera’s..  you can not rush it.. you can’t push it, you can’t … Continue reading

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Pet Photography

I really need to have a bit of “zen” me time and as we had our first snow fall and it was cold outside, it was the perfect time to work on figuring out how to set up my indoor … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend Away

Just some of the fun on the birthday weekend away at a dear friends place..  its been just wonderful.. My main birthday presents was two new backdrops and two new light boxes for taking indoor photos and I have been … Continue reading

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Photography- Bojangles

This is my favorite of the day, if the snow had been clean, it would have been perfect but I like it as is .. Love this rolling photo, number 2.. action shot.. feet flying, snow angels and it looks … Continue reading

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Puddin an Pie..

Pie was picked up the weds before Christmas, she was bigger then I expected. slid in my hands as I cradled her, friendly and sweet.. She has had time to bond with puddin  over the holidays, and they get along … Continue reading

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