Pet Photography


I really need to have a bit of “zen” me time and as we had our first snow fall and it was cold outside, it was the perfect time to work on figuring out how to set up my indoor photo studio in the living room.. and then play with the back end photo programs..  In the above Remmi Photo, not only does that background and lighting have him just popping in this photo, (an O those eyes ) but we are working on figuring out distance of the subject from the background and its effects..


This one is a combo of photography (its Uther/background) but its also taking the photo and turning it into something new..  into a different form of art..  See Above the Art Version I am calling Blue Mist..  See the Raw photo below taken one frame snap away from the one above..


Smudge decided that she was game for a photo session and some of the treats and pats and play of games that it takes to get them to pose..


This one is all about her, that dense plush blue grey(silver hued) fur, those eyes and those Whiskers!


This one is just playful and fun!  If I could put a few stars, a little hat and call it Hocus Pocus! It just has that Magic feel to it for me..  she was just at the edge of the chair and so it creates that drop off feel to the bottom of the photo..  The angle of the photo itself is what creates the feeling of her ear blending into the background..


This one is all soft and dreamy, silver and light.. Same session, same lighting but very different poses, angles and hues for me to work with on what I wanted to frame an bring out.. which one is your favorite? an why?


This one of Bells Kitten was all about showing off his clean lines and stripes, that sleek tail with solid black tip, that Famous M.. and that he has grown from being a pudge kitten shape to starting to get his “little cat” teenage stage.. its a little crisper/harder edged then I would normally go but I wanted and needed it..


Then he turned and looked the other way and I took four photos rapid fire and I knew I had something I wanted to work with in a playful way.. Love how this one came out!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into the photo session I did yesterday and some of the results.. What is your favorite photo, what do you think of this new background ( I have a few new ones).. I like it very much! Loving having proper Studio lighting.. what a world of difference it makes!

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7 Responses to Pet Photography

  1. Silver says:

    They are all lovely, though I must say Blue Mist is my favourite ^_^

  2. valbjerke says:

    Had a blue/grey cat for many years (mama Zen). Only one I allowed to hang in the house (I’m hideously allergic). Your cat pictures brought back memories 🙂

  3. mariazannini says:

    It’s hard to choose. They’re all stunning. Kudos! You have some serious talent.
    I love Remmi’s coloring, but Uther really spoke to me. I love how surreal he looks coming out of a mist.

  4. Oh boy Val; decisions, decisions!
    Favourite is Smudge’s Whiskers by a hair and a very close second, Uther’s Moody Blues.

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