One more month in Declutter 365..


Hello December, Where has the year flown? 

We set a goal of 365 declutter for the year and its been both a very good thing and a challenge.. a good thing as it means I have been very aware of things coming into the house and I can honestly say that we have bought or brought in maybe 10 to 15% of the amount we do in a normal year (I do love my second hand shops) I have spent most of the year saying, use what I have or do I really need 6 of those, when 4 will do..  I am certainly NOT throwing away things unless they are damaged so badly that parts can not be used and or they should not be reused.. otherwise, they have found their way to new to them second hand homes or placements.

With a month to go, even though I have meet my goals for the year already, I am going to get a box or two and I am going to challenge myself to see if I can lean down another 31 items a min of one each day for the month of Dec, with the overall goal of 1 to 3 each day or 7 to 21 per week.. 

Ps, Uther says, I am the best! nicknac, can’t get rid of me ma.. me for life!



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2 Responses to One more month in Declutter 365..

  1. valbjerke says:

    I’ve been doing the same…mostly with the larger things though. Over the years I’ve been given/inherited sooo many things from family. Antique cabinet radios, a phonograph with a glut of records, a beautiful hand crank and still functioning Singer sewing machine….so much stuff. Somebody else can maybe enjoy it. I’m happy to free up the space, don’t mind the extra cash. And I don’t want my daughter to walk in here one day and think ‘what in the ever loving hell am
    I supposed to do with this crap?’ when I’m gone.

  2. Silver says:

    You have already done really well by the sounds of it, another 31 items in December would be amazing, especially in the season of giving each other stuff!

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