Why did you eat that? – The Hounds Version

Well it all started with me cleaning out the fridge, the pasta had gone bad, I tossed it into the garbage bag instead of wanting to compost it..  (I did this because almost everything on the farm likes to check the compost to see if I was crazy enough to throw out something that is perfectly good in their view

and I got busy in a different part of the house and when I came back and I had a tipped, big snapped lid off and someone had gotten into the pasta, now the good thing was they only eat a bit of the pasta, most of it was still clearly there and I thought.. ok.. so they were foolish but at least they stopped..

Did not matter.. the vomiting started and it was a good batch to say the least..  If you live with a hound or hounds in your life, you know that at some point, they will get into something they should not and they will get its all coming up mom..

Well, that’s what I had last night.. no point at all in not letting them get it out of the system, so I first made sure they had lots of fresh water and we went outside( go ahead, laugh, I had hopes that I might get them to do it outside) but they just did what dogs do when they want to continue getting sick, they eat more things to make it go faster..

Anyway, they did not want to stay outside and so I spent a great deal of time cleaning up in the house.. Ah. hounds, its like having a three-year old in the house, smart enough to know that they don’t feel good and that you are the fixer, but can’t understand that you can’t make it all better..

Finally the tummies where empty and we were down to just that lovely yellowish foamy bile..  Now in-between, I patted, cuddle and wiped chins and faces, but finally we got to the point that I could do my first giving a helping hand.

I made a very strong batch of mint tea with a bit of raw honey added in at the end, with a pinch of salt and they all enjoyed a drink and very soon after started to relax and settle. I also put out some spearmint oil on my clay dish..

this morning, they were looking for breakfast, I had not planned on giving it to them, I had planned a resting period with a nice bone broth for support but as they where not sick on the rear, I changed my mind, they got instead a very light breakfast of baked sweet potato


As long as they hold it down with no issues, then tonight, I will make them a nice bone broth-Barley supper to help make them feel full but again a nice slow food that will give them a calm down on the tummy.. On top of each bowl of just warmed supper will be a full dose of powdered probiotics, which they will get for three days running.

They are bright-eyed and perky and full of themselves, so I am not overall worried but each little thing needs to be watched. This morning, I am simmering Apples and Cloves, the house smells great!

What is your personal favorite way to deal with an upset tummy on your beloved hound or hounds?  Do you let them just deal with it? Do you provide support for them?

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5 Responses to Why did you eat that? – The Hounds Version

  1. valbjerke says:

    Totally off the topic – did you grow those sweet potatoes, and if so – what are they called and where did you get them? I’ve been looking hard for the purple ones – zero luck. 😊

  2. Bill says:

    Our dog had severe stomach problems and my wife made special food for her featuring—-sweet potatoes. 🙂

  3. Oh sweet Angel! Not so much; )

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