Skirret, Apple, Cheese Tart Recipe

I only had a little bit of skirret left after we devoured it out of the pan, hot from the oven LOL. I decided to make a Roast Skirret, Apple and Cheese Huge Tart


I made a small batch of a butter pie Pastry and I added chopped up roasted Skirrit but it cooks so quickly that I expect it could go in raw and work just fine that way, diced fall sweet apple and a awesome gouda white cheese.. A tiny bit of salt on top.


and I baked it till golden brown, I served it hot but it was really good cold as well.. It was a great blend of flavours.. I feel like it could use a tiny tiny amount of cooked onion in there but I could be wrong, I wanted to allow that delightful but very light skirret flavour to come though..


The apple was still just a bit firm, the cheese was melted and the skirret melted into the dish with all off-setting the pastry..

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1 Response to Skirret, Apple, Cheese Tart Recipe

  1. Mavis says:

    Looks delicious

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