Purple Sweet Potato

As you know I grew three kinds of sweet potatoes this year, The standard orange, the white fleshed and the purple..

I have to buy special short season pre-started slips, I have started my own slips as well from short season Georgia Jet that I have over wintered the sweets and then done my own slips but also have had great luck buying pre-started slips and will continue to do so..

I have tried growing them in the ground and also growing them in a very heavy straw mulch, I will keep playing till I get it just right 🙂 The joys of gardening, never stop learning, never stop trying something new..

I cured them, and yesterday we baked off a nice purple as a small side dish.. I was very pleased with the color, outstanding.. the flavour has great depth to it, very sweet potato but a drier flesh and a more starchy flesh, more like a potato but only time will tell me if that is because of it needing more curing time or if that is just the way it will be.


I like the lighter ring in the baked one..


This is it all mashed up, before I added butter, salt and a touch of milk to make it more creamy, it was gobbled up that is for sure, but I would love to use it to color a cupcake or make a purple pie 🙂

I look forward to growing more of them in 2016. Do you grow purple sweet potatoes and if so, what is your favorite recipes to use them in.

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