Elderberry Cuttings

This is a interesting little project,  part working rooting cuttings, part community project and part growing for the food forest production.

By this I mean that I need to learn how to produce more baby plants, I tend to lean towards pinning for making new plants but the truth is I can not do that with all plants and I need to stretch and work those skills, this spring I am working on a bucket full of Elderberry cuttings, Grape Vine Cuttings, Willow Cuttings, we will see if I add in a few more or not..


I took the cuttings from a elder that grew up in a area that I did not really want it, so I really cut it down, I was after whips that where ideally at least as big as my pinky finger in size, nothing smaller then 12 inches and nothing bigger then two foot approx. I know they are alive as they are all starting to bud out at this time. I wonder if I have them a touch crowded in the bucket and if I should move half to a second bucket and give more room.. we will see on that..


I have about 30ish of them in total, and I might start another bucket yet from wild cuttings, we will see, I have a lot of interest from my local garden group that I belong to in regards to picking up one or two of these little elders to add to their own gardens and I have a friend (Yes I am talking about you Miss C) that got a new farm, and its sadly lacking in elderberries, I might start another ten for her so she can do a nice elderberry hedge row.

My beautiful picture

The current cuttings are directly traceable back to my big Momma.. she is outstanding in producing but she does require heavy feeding, regular pruning and care to produce her best.  I am not sure that I will not lose a lot of my elderberries to the birds in the food forest, where as the ones close to the house are under farm cat patrol but the chickens take everything off that they can reach from the bottom up.. Do you have any cuttings started this year to help increase your food production..


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2 Responses to Elderberry Cuttings

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow. Just wow.
    And I remember that’s what I thought the last time you posted photos of the elderberries too. Simply amazing.

  2. calliek says:

    I discovered two large elderberries in the park by my house which no one but the birds picked so I got MST of them last year. What I’d really like to try making is elderflower cordial this year but of course they flower right in my busiest week in June s o not sure that will happen.

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