Health Report– an homework

So I had back to back appointments at the doctors office, next round of things that needed to be done to be sent to the fertility clinic, confirmed that all other tests are back and normal or negative..

I am thrilled to say my lungs have healed themselves and they are back to normal, However it was requested that due to my weight that I at least meet and consider working with their dietitian, while their program used to be for only for those with medical needs, they have opened it up to the obese.

Now I had a three week window between my first meet and greet and when it was booked, and so I thought, alright, I remember meeting with one at the age of 15, and she pretty much said, eat under this for calories, here is four things for each meal and a list of ten snacks and that was that..

So I went hmm, given I eat off the farm, and I knew I was not going to town to by salad greens, I figured that was my first hurtle and we would see if she even wanted to work with me after I laid it out.. eat off the farm, will not go to gym, farm only.. limited to weds for the vehicle etc.

I spent the three weeks being productive in my own way, by writing things down without changing it as much as possible so I could give a honest overview of both what I was eating and what I was doing in general on the farm etc.

Well was I in for a surprise.

Introduced myself and did my planned, this is what I need if you want to work with me, she laughed.. said, ok, this is what I need from you if you want to work with me! I listened, I laughed and went OK

Let just say, I do not know if she is the norm but she made me laugh, she also gave me homework.. more on that in a bit..

Her basic rules made me laugh.

I am not going to tell you what to eat..

I will not tell you how much to eat

I am not going to tell you to walk or workout out x amount of times a week etc.

I am not even going to tell you to get on the scale if you do not want to each time you visit..

So by now are you thinking.. well then what did she want..

The short answer.. Goals

She said.. Give me one longer term goal that you really want to make happen that your current weight is stopping you from doing..

Easy.. So easy to answer

I want to train and ride Caleb in either a 12.5 mile or a 25 mile baby endurance ride..

She said, perfect! that is a perfect goal.. no weight number to attach to it, instead just a dream and goal.. Ok then

So she said, ok so what is one thing or one area that is a problem for me..

Easy, so easy to answer..

Eating between 3 to 5 when bored, housework done, chores done, waiting for hubby, starting to really want someone to visit with other then a critter with fur, and I am in and out of the kitchen preparing food..

Eating when bored is clearly bad, snacking a first supper before then sitting down and eating supper with hubby.. BAD

That is my homework for the next two weeks (she is going on holiday, and when she gets back I see her weekly for the first month and then we figure out if weekly or bi-weekly is best for our meetings)

I need to write down how I felt before I eat when bored and after I eat when bored..

I need to write down how I felt when bored and I picked a non-food way to deal with it both before and after..

Ok then, I can do that..

Challenge is to NOT snack or eat when bored-not hungry for the weekdays..  and see how many days a week I can not do it, replace it etc.

I found it to be more of a food related shrink session then anything I remember from the visit (single) to the hospital one..

I was very surprised but not unpleased to find out that she wants regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings, because lets face it, if you want it to work, you do need to have that kind of commitment.

I did have one laugh, she thinks one pound of weight loss per week is ideal, I laughed and said, expect it faster then that when I start gardening and riding again.. but it will soon hit that magic holding spot afterwards.

While I clearly believe that the way I eat is the reason that my body is healing and my overall general health is so good, my weight is stopping me from doing things I want to do in my life and that is not acceptable to me.. So lets see if I can in fact make a change for the better.



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4 Responses to Health Report– an homework

  1. Marie says:

    That is so inspiring! Wonderful!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    From what you’ve said, this sounds very promising. My hat’s off to you in this new approach (and I’m VERY interested to hear more as you go along: )

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