Vertical Gardening

2013-01-01 2517 (500x261)

hmmm, nothing wrong with the rustic look 🙂 Easy to make and functional..

2013-01-01 2520 (500x436)

A little more structure, steel and wire..

2013-01-01 2117 (450x600)

Some of our other creative ways over the years, this was a free grown plant that had self-seeded and it was growing like crazy, but needed to get off the ground, it was a old fenced door and hubby just nailed onlegs, so it was a four foot lift and grower.

IMG_0674 (400x300)

But 2015 is going to be a build them year.. Right now I am gathering info.. these are the main three I am looking at adding.

one – cattle Panel grow over.. but I would plant shade loving plants under instead of the pathway.

cattle panel trellus

two-  these are the same thing but one is rustic and local sources and the other is store bought and made.. both are great ideas, very sturdy, I most likely will be going rustic

logs heavier


Still researching in regards to my planned big wire cages for tomato or peppers or xx..

I am so tired of investing in cages that can not hold up to the weight and the tomato getting wasted because they droop to much.


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5 Responses to Vertical Gardening

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’ve seen the welded wire for reinforcing concrete used for both vertical row panels (peas & cukes, etc) and made into rounds for tomatoes with excellent results. The verticals were wired up to metal “T” fence posts.
    Do you have young Cedars growing on your property? They’d be great for your rustic archway trellising. There’s also woven Wattle fencing which uses pliable wetland shrubs like willow and alder…

  2. Sheri says:

    Excellent ideas. I use a lot of homemade trellis in my garden. Last summer I made a pole bean fort for the grand children but there were times when I would go out to pick and just sit in that natural fort watching the bees and butterflies!

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