A little yard cleanup..

Yesterday was a awesome day..  we had a break in the weather, while my dear family out in alberta is truly in winter, we should not quite have winter here yet but its been darn right nippy out there..

So it was a true blessing yesterday when we had a lovely plus 8 day..  We loaded Glenda in the morning and got her taken to the butcher, I have asked for her horns back, as I plan to make homemade buttons with them, otherwise she will hang for two weeks before being done, so while she has gone, I have some time before pickup time.

We got the winter water trough with heating moved and made ready for the horse’s and sheep..  Also spent a good amount of time getting Kermit moved to his own pen, little apple is growing quite slow compared to where I believe she should be at, but each cross and breed is going to grow at their own rates..

Kermit on the other hand is HUGE, as in now bigger then Miss Piggy.. its a good thing that pig is super sweet and lovely in temperament, but I watched him pick up a 2 by 4 and snap it, just for fun while he was playing..

Rabbits also got some time, hutches where cleaned out, scraped,  poo was hauled to the garden into piles in different area`s for use next year.. Kits and growout rates where checked, I have two expecting does at this time.

However the big part of the day was taken up with yard cleanup!

The last of the big bale of straw was hauled down for big bedding, now we will need to move over to the smaller square bales, it was a bad year for our regular supplier in terms of straw, thankful that we have the ability to get more from where we get our grain.

A huge amount of yard rake up was done and at least 24 wheelbarrels of leaves, old hay, old straw and bird poo etc has been hauled into the big garden.

I still tired much faster then my hubby did but he pointed out that I was able to go for six hours solid, so when I thought about it, that is pretty good really.. Still not normal but not bad at all..

I did go to bed very early and slept the sleep of a tired girl..

This morning was awesome, got up and had a normal morning, started house chores, did the purrpots and the hounds, then the hounds and I headed outdoors, they ran around and I did morning rounds.. rabbit checks, letting the birds out to free range, puttered around, checked on the horse`s and the sheep, did one small yard job.

Back in the house, laundry started, canning prep on the go, meat out and ready for meal planning and bread started..

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3 Responses to A little yard cleanup..

  1. Sheri says:

    Wow! Industrious! The below freezing cold has hit here in the San Juan Islands and my daughter got several inches of snow out at her place. She lives between Arlington & Darrington, Washington, right by Oso where the huge slide happened. Glad everything is good on your farm and your healing up!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Guess “waiting” for the best “time-of-day” hydro rates isn’t an option, is it? (Unless, of course, we’re expected to work from 7pm-7am):

  3. Bill says:

    Glad you were able to make good use of the good weather. It was unseasonably warm here yesterday too–great for working outside. But the cold nasty stuff is on its way back. Lots of wood to cut….

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