Coming together..

Glenda booked in- Check

Ordered the sheep tags- Check

Ordered the coming lambing season`s required goodies (my first lamb could be here as early as the end of Dec)- Check

Booked the lambs in for butcher- Check

Booked one pig in for butcher-Check

Looked at the price of freezer -Yikes

Figured out which ducks are to be butchered- Check

Moved the fowl from summer pens to winter pens-Check

Figured out how many rabbits need to be butchered- Ready NOW-18, ready by the first of the year, another 10

Ordered in a few more things for tanning-check

Offered to help a girlfriend work on tanning full wool on sheep hides(she wants to brain tan) and I want to play!-Check

Got the ferrier booked-Check

Got the winters supply of hot chocolate on the sale-Check (but don`t think I didn`t notice that the packaging went down, while the price regular went up, so even on sale, it was still not as good of buy as last year)-Check

Getting back into the grove of things in terms of the house-Check

Need to do a whack of canning-Check LOL

Start Christmas Shopping-Check

Fall Cleaning of Windows-Check

O yes, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel!

O I know, there is so much more to do.. but at least I can see some of the things that should have been done weeks and weeks ago are starting to get there! 🙂

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2 Responses to Coming together..

  1. Linda Sanders says:

    wow you are busy!!!! You can make hot chocolate mix very inexpensively and quickly…
    10 cups powdered milk
    4 1/4 cups instant chocolate milk mix (I use nestles)
    1 1/4 cup dry coffee creamer (I use coffee mate)
    1 heaping cup icing sugar
    Mix & put in container
    to make :
    put mix in a cup (4 TBSP mix to 8oz water)
    add hot water

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, tried a couple of times now, at different times of day, to send this; but 3 strikes and I’m out. Keepin’ it short and sweet…
    Glad the end is in sight, just take it easy getting there, ‘k?

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