An the wind blows!

Well compared to others, the farm got off pretty luck in the winds over the past 24 hours, I have seen photos of tree`s down on facebook, I have read the reports of the damage on CBC and I have listened to the reports of thousands without power in our local area.

We appear to have gotten off with a little rabbit adventure and two roofs ripped right off our hutches..

I take the blame on this one, in truth the hutches lids could have used new hardware this summer, its on the hit list but you see in the spring, after the thaw, we move the rabbit hutches from their winter area to their summer digs..

It takes two people to carry a hutch and then get moved to under one of our big old tree`s, soft dappled shade and I tend to face them so they will get the warm summer winds, but normally in the fall, they get moved back to the winter digs..

The winter spot is on the backside of the little barn, it gives them the most winter sun but blocks the wind on two sides and it faces a direction that rarely see`s wind or weather come in facing it, plus it sits half under a overhang for even more added protection as the indoor parts of the hutch is the closest part to the wall.

but between me being broken, gone to alberta and sick, we have not got them moved, so this morning, the roof-lids where off and down on the ground and few of the kit rabbits had made the jump, most had the sense to stay in the nice safe with their mother.

So we will need to do a bit of a roundup and possible fish net or live trap being brought out to give a helping hand.

otherwise, with this warm wind, I have aired the house out, and have a lovely ham with winter turnip, cabbage and onion roasting off in the oven today.

It seems like a proper meal for a late fall day… What is one of your favorite fall meals, and did you get nailed with the winds..

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8 Responses to An the wind blows!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Well, good luck with your rabbit roundup and getting those hatches battened down, ’cause for what’s coming next, you won’t want your windows open very much longer; ). Winds are down a bit (compared to the 100kph gusts of last night): but temps have gone from +16 yesterday to +5 today and there are snowflakes dancing about out there…

    • they say we will drop to minus 2 and that snow is on the way.. but I say.. live in the moment.. but yes winter is coming

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Honestly, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the weather was yesterday compared to last week. 24 hours of Indian Summer (and perfect for some last-minute fall cleanup chores; )
        I keep having to remind myself that Winter is still (supposedly): almost a month off. Somehow, it just feels like I’ve got a truck barreling toward me and I can’t get out of the way…

  2. Sheri says:

    Sometimes laying in bed early in the morning I can hear the quietness..then way off across the sound (Coming from Canada!) I can zero in on a sound as it hurtles it’s way through the islands. It gets louder and louder and louder! Then Wham! The wind hits! It’s like the earth opens and a mythological God with a chariot has been set lose.

  3. canadiandoomer says:

    We’ve had mild wind – 30k/h or so – but nothing like you’re getting. However, I keep hearing that we’re about to get hit with …… ok, while typing that, I decided to check and we have a SNOWFALL warning! We’re supposed to get 15-25 cm starting tomorrow evening.

    Good thing Mr D is heading to town tomorrow to get kitty food (EIGHT of them to feed!), layer mash and cracked corn, because I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere the next day. And our propane is supposed to be getting delivered tomorrow. I hope they do!

    While checking our weather, I saw pictures of what you guys are getting. Batten down the hatches, folks, it looks like this winter will count as “interesting times”.

  4. We got lucky, no damage and didn’t even lose power but all of the street around us lost trees, some of them were massive and took out hydro wires and a cement streetlight!

    Hope you catch the bunnies before the cold weather catches up to you, it’s pretty frigid here now.

    • Glad to hear you are ok but sorry to hear about the tree`s, I saw pictures on the news for your area and it looked like there was damage done in some cases as well. We will get the bunnies but sometimes its hard till we get the snow, then its easy because they come right for the feed, till then, they are like.. Nana, we can feed ourselves in the yard.. but we will get them caught and safely in a nice warm bedded hutch as soon as possable

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