Pig Trace Tags.. Sigh

So I have booked Glenda in for butcher, she is very close to coming two and I don`t want to carry her over the winter, (that brings us to the freezer and the work that is coming on those on a different post) and I had planned on sending in at least one of my big pigs.

I am deeply sad to say that Miss Piggy will at some point be going for butcher, it cost`s me around 1000 plus a year to feed, bed and look after my `breeding pigs` if they give me at least one full litter per year, I consider it covered but be it Miss Piggy`s fault or Kermit`s fault, bottom line, I am sinking good money after bad, the vets all agree, if you don`t breed the female`s as they get older, they won`t breed..

Which is where I am sitting, ideally I will breed Apple when she is old enough with Kermit, and if still no piglets, then Kermit goes next, and I will give Apple one more try with a different boar.

So I went to book my big pig in and nope.. turns out we now have a pig trace program in effect and I need to register the farm with such and such id, and then register the pigs in the pig trace program and then buy adult and piglet tags in sets of way more then I would need in like ten years at a time..

Which all needs to be done before I can even book a hauler or a butcher, and each part of the process is a 2 to 4 weeks to process the paperwork..

Its new and its a pain in the rear.. but I am grateful that friends informed me of it.. I like raising my own pork, but at this point, I am really leaning hard towards just trying to find a good source of piglets and just buying one or two per year like we use to..

I am truly thinking that breeding my own and just a few extra for farm gate sale is going to be something of the past. This makes me sad to be honest but no matter how I move the numbers, between the cost of the feed, the bedding, the cost of buying weaner piglets, the increase costs in hauling, butcher costs etc. I would have to raise my per pound price far to much.

and while I could try and raise more of my own pig food, the truth is, I don`t have time to add more to the gardens..

If I am only raising them to normal market weight, then for my own use, I can just butcher at home. I will be honest, I can`t do Miss Piggy myself, I can`t look that sweet pig in the eye on this one.. I am going to be wreck on the day she goes to the butcher.


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11 Responses to Pig Trace Tags.. Sigh

  1. Marie says:

    I’ve done a wee bit of research for school on pig breeding. (Which by no means makes me an expert.) They mentioned something about the males having to be bigger than the females; especially in first time male breeders. I wasn’t looking incredibly thoroughly but I thought it was odd and that’s why it stuck with me. Is Miss Piggy perhaps wanting a man-pig with more experience? Can that even be a thing?!

    • LOL, yes, your male pig typically needs to be high enough to be able to breed so if you have a younger male, you will need to make sure he is big enough to breed before trying them, I have heard stories about some of the issues including broken boy part if you try them a little to soon.

      But Miss Piggy was breed again by Angelo (who she produced piglets with so he was a proven male) and I grew Kermit until he was big enough, and then breed them by running them together, then after nothing, I pulled them apart, let him get even bigger and then ran them in the big fields, he was and has actively bred her, but no piglets.

      I know that while we don`t like the idea of breeding animals to much, the fact appears that I should have breed her twice a year to keep her in the best possible breeding status, I only wanted to breed once a year but it would appear that with very large sow`s that can be a bad choice.

  2. Bill says:

    This is the same conclusion I came to. Although I don’t like being dependent upon other people for the piglets, it seems to make more sense for us to buy them when they wean, then raise them to slaughter weight than to breed them here.

    • Are you having trouble finding piglets locally to you, this past year the going price in the spring was between 150 to 200 for a six week old, this was part of the issue that I had, at that first buy start out cost, raising a littler and selling some `could` be effective, I was finally able to get apple in the fall locally for 80, but she was very young indeed..

      But for one pig, it would still be worth it if we are raising only for ourselves, I do like having a pig on the farm in terms of scraps. It would be so odd to need to compost so much in the winter, instead of it going to the pig bucket

      • Bill says:

        Wow. We paid $60 each for our piglets. If they were that expensive here I’d probably raise our own.

      • When I moved to the farm ten years ago, you could get a good piglet for 60 in the spring and as low as 35 for a late summer-early fall piglet, and slowly the price went up to around a hundred for a spring piglet, but last year, the price just jumped, and 150 became standard for a six week old, just weaned, depending on the week, and where the location was, it went up to 200 each.. I looked for five months to find Apple in late summer for 80.. a friend told me that she was looking now, in late Nov and the price is still 75 and that`s at discount due to the time of year..

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    (On so many levels):

  4. erikamay85 says:

    I’m in the same boat. Love Rosie, she tried to warn me of a house fire. she’s been a good buddy. But she doesn’t want to produce more piglets than she needs to to cover her costs. I actually expect two litters a year. pigs enjoy being pregant it seems. orthe lactating. they enjoy lactating.

    • yes, I take the fault on this one to a point, I should have rebred her again faster, but I listened to Dh who said.. don`t breed them, we have enough piglets to raise, and now it looks like she won`t breed again.. The truth is that most farm critters that are healthy, and breeding naturally do indeed appear to like to be expecting and nursing and raising their wee ones.

      So she is breeding but just not producing enough..

  5. No pig stories to share, I live in London UK! Closest I get is a freezer full of bacon. But just wanted to say that I love reading your blog xxx

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