Spending money to save in the long run.. New Washing Machine

Well, first a little health update, had to go back this week to the doctor, I needed a adjustment on my inhalers, they added in a long acting one twice a day and increased my rapid response one use per day. Wow, what a huge difference, I can breath!

Side note: normally because I have bare floors, and lots of critters, I tend to lean towards a broom, dust pan and mop.. but I was told to consider getting a vacuum with a hepa filter in order to help with not breathing in the dust, and dander while cleaning, and my dear mom recommended EO oils on the filter, I choose a nice citrus and so not only has it made a difference in me being able to clean with less breathing issues, the house smells very nice after I do it. I got a vacuum that is made for bare floors.. and I can see a difference.

As luck (ha ha) would have it, my second secondhand to me washing machine broke while I was gone and while hubby limped along dealing with it, and taking cloths to town, I can`t stand it, I need to wash the critters bedding x amount of time weekly, I need to keep up on the laundy. I need a working washing machine.

Now I am sure if you are in Ontario or even if you are not, that you have noticed that the cost of power is going up, up and UP. So my wonderful cheap buys at the farm sales of older sturdy machines are great in many ways but not typically on the power bill.

I decided that given the fact that they have said point blank, that the Ontario government intends to raise the power rates by 40 percent over a five year period and we are only now in year one of it, that I need to look at replacing my older models with newer more cost effective ones..

The big ones in the house are washer, dryer (for winter and work cloths) fridge, I did the stove last year, so off we went looking at ACK, black Friday in Canada sale`s and there was a very basic nice, really cheap machine, top loader, did everything I wanted but not so great on the power savings, it used four times more energy per year then the better brand that was also on sale for a mear hundred more..

Now the four times more was till a lot better then the one`s we have been using.. but I put out the extra money and should save.. around 800 plus kilowatt hours of power per year with the new machine..

The matching new dryer will have to wait a bit but will be added in soon.. Then I need to hunt down a fridge I like, I love my fridge but I know what it uses for power and it really does need to be replaced. but it can ideally be moved to a safe spot and be turned on as a backup fridge for canning-harvest season..

Does anyone own a all fridge and do you like it and if so why, what don`t you like about it..

Well, I had better be off to check that load and get another one started 🙂 Happy Washing day.. Clean sheet night tonight on the bed LOL


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12 Responses to Spending money to save in the long run.. New Washing Machine

  1. calliek says:

    I hope you got a top loader, those front loaders save on water but you just can’t get them clean somehow so they smell musty pretty fast.

    Glad to hear your new meds are working, I have some bad lung infections in the past few year and I know exactly what you mean about how relieving it is to be able to breath properly!

  2. Sheri says:

    I dread the day my washer hits-the-skids. I just had it checked a few months ago and so-far-so-good for almost 14 years old! I’m with you on the “top” loader and money saver. I also wait until I have full loads and try to use cold water wash when I can to keep the bill down. My brother (a military man) taught me to try to only buy and use blue, black and grey clothing, this way I avoid washing whites and using bleach. I went on a garden tour a couple years ago and saw that one lady had used the inner washer barrel as a creative garden pot. It was cool looking!

    • My old washer sure does not owe us anything, it earned its keep and then some, but I can only hope that the new one can have that kind of staying power, its a good higher end brand with the most basic items, (less things to break) I tend towards at lot of the darker colors and for farm cloths, we always lean that way, but for pretty clothes, I like color 🙂

  3. dreamfarming says:

    About two years ago I noticed that milk was not lasting as long as it should in our fridge. Over about a week it got worse and worse so we replaced it. Our new fridge has the bottom drawer freezer. I like that. Right now its holding a twenty pound turkey and still has room for a lot more. The fridge door doesn’t close on its own. Some of the models do. I think that would be nice to have. Ours has a stainless steel front. With two little kids around it is always covered in finger prints.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I have an all fridge with matching freezer. Good old Woods that they don’t make anymore. They are getting old but I love them. My 3 kids are grown and gone, but I still have it filled. We eat lots of fresh produce, have lots of eggs from our hens and hope to have goats milk this spring. Being 5 feet tall, I can’t go digging in a chest freezer. For me upright freezers are the best, I am in and out in no time. Front load washers are ok if you don’t close the door tight between uses, they do hold a lot more laundry and spin out much better. Hope this helps.

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