This and That post..

Well, since I have been home, I have been sick with after effects of my bad lung infection, my lungs (they say) will take a month or months to heal properly from the infection.. o joy..

Going from warm to cold, triggers coughing, the purrpots are causing me to cough, I am needing to move out all but the oldest and youngest purrpots, now they are not that hard done by, the little barn (that is the space of most regular barns, has everything they need but of course, they prefer to be in the house.. so we are having a battle of, put the kitty out..

my bedroom is currently my resting space, and that’s great but as I feel a little better each day I am trying to spend more time upstairs and get a  bit more done, all my regular fall cleaning didn`t get done, lets face it, washing wall, cupboards and draws is just not fun to do or read about ,but they do need to be done..

I have not got any real time outside with my farm critters, just barely got in the hello`s and a check over to make sure they are all good..

I have not even made it out to my garden.. whimper.. o my garden, so much that needed to be done and now its sitting under four inches of snow.. I will be grumpy about that in the spring when I have to do more work then normal.. there is a reason that you are to put your garden to bed.. sigh..

O well, at least my hubby got all the harvest`s done, that is the important thing..

My pantry is a mess, I am confused on what I do and don`t have.. so much got put into the freezer instead of canned so my canning area seems off and I have to remember to ask for things to come in terms of fruit and veggies.

I have to go back to the doctors again, I hope I don`t have to stay on the inhalers for to long but I am glad to have them at this time.

I am working hard to figure out what foods help my lungs vs what ones don`t sit well and soon have me coughing and at times throwing them back up..

What a year.. I normally say its the year of the whatever from the garden but I think this year is going down as the sick-broken bone year.. Thank goodness its a new year coming soon..

I have huge! rabbits ready for butcher and they are going to have lovely big pelts, I have ducks that need to be butchered, I have chickens, and I have not gotten any of my fall butcher of the larger critters done yet either.

One thing at a time, one thing at a time..

Christmas is coming and I am looking forward it! but I have almost nothing ready for it..  The only thing I have ordered so far is a gift for my mother in law, and a Christmas cd for my mom..

Well, I had better get going, my rest is over for the moment.

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7 Responses to This and That post..

  1. Sheri says:

    When I’m sick I love to sip cup after cup of hot chicken bouillon with some saltine crackers on the side. Fresh ground mint tea to keep the tummy up-set down and fresh cool water. Vicks VapoRub front chest and back side and don’t forget your feet. Also some essential oils that you can rub & warm in the palm of your hands to put over your nose and breath in, orange & cinnamon. Hearty fall soup like pumpkin with black bean with onion, garlic, stewed tomatoes & ground cumin. Don’t worry about your garden. I don’t always do fall cut, clean and composting. It will be there in the spring. When I don’t feel good my kitties sense this and they are like angels sent to sit and cuddle with me. Nacho (my girl) loves to cuddle on my tummy. Slow down, rest and if you can find a sun spot to nap in.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh geez, get well soon!
    Mullein. Mullein. Mullein Tea.

  3. calliek says:

    I’ve been adding tumeric to hot drinks, also lots of cinnamon and cloves which are both anti inflammatory. Honey in tea and by the spoonful for the cough helps. I know you want to be rid of the inhalers but they beat not breathing!

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