I`m Home!!!

I would like to say, I danced a jig, but in truth, I had a nice lovely homemade light broth and farm veggie soup that Dh made me and put on my wonderful homemade (by dear Hutterite friends) flannel nightie and to bed early..

Poor hubby fluttered around me a number of times while I coughed and coughed, but finally got it settled down enough for a five hour sleep, which is really good at the moment, even if I did get him up before the alarm clock..

The hounds are all attached at the hip and major snuggle bunnies, they have to have a body part somehow touching mine, and while I know they have been left alone for 12 plus hours a day and so accidents happen and nothing was made of it, because no dog can hold that long, now that I am home and letting them out regular, I am not happy that we have had two accidents by the door for me to clean up..  so I will need to put them all back on ` puppy training outside timing for a couple days to a week to get them back to where they should be..

The cats gave me the eye, you know the one… you left and been gone forever! but boy did that change this morning when I was the one that did breakfast 😛

The horse`s where funny, both came up very happy to the gate, Brandy was Farmgal! nudge, cuddle head down, I missed you.. Caleb was smell you all over and then give me the eye… you been gone along time, and you need to make friends with me again.. LOL No worries big guy..  Poor Caleb, its been a hard summer for him, every time I get well enough that we are really bonding, I had something happen that took me out of the bond for weeks at a time and had him with hubby.. not that bonding with hubby is bad, but I will be working hard to cement the bond we do have as the time goes on

Well, I need to make soap and lots of it, at least eight batches but not while I am still sick, you need to be in the right frame of mind to make good soap, and my head that feels wrapped in cotton is not a good one.

I am just puttering today, o my god, so much to do!! ah.. everywhere I look there is something that needs doing.. sigh.. so I am breaking it down, today`s goals are super simple, do the dishes, clean the floors, pick one small spot and clean it etc Feed the cats, feed the house dogs, make a hot meal to be waiting for hubby.

These might not seem like much compared to when I am well but getting the little things done for hubby means that he will have time to do something a little bit more or longer or bigger when he gets home..

So far everywhere I look I see super fat critters, clearly hubby made sure no one was lacking food, which is a good thing but overfeeding is hard not just on the feed bill but its not really great for the critters either.

I will grab the camera and take photos as I start getting things done, the next weeks are going to be busy!

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9 Responses to I`m Home!!!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Great to hear you’re home!
    Have you tried Mullein Tea for your cough? It’s supposed to be really good for a stubborn, dry cough…
    Great stories about the different reactions… Ani-mules are funny, aren’t they?
    Last word? Take. It. Easy. ‘K?
    Okay, three words and a letter; )
    (Hugs!: )

  2. canadiandoomer says:

    Well, I can attest to the value of the “little things”! The past six weeks, I’ve discovered just how valuable all of my “little things” are. I’m glad you’re home, and I can just picture him fussing over you. 😀

  3. Happy to hear you are home and almost recovered! Don’t undo the healing by taking on too much too fast!

  4. Sheri says:

    There’s no place like home! Sure wish I could make soap with you. Always wanted to try this.

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