The report came out today.. interview on the radio

Is anyone really surprised that the price of food is going up, and that the packaging is expected to continue to go down.. I am good on the beef, pork, milk and eggs, and I will once again increase my production of fruit and veggies..

Specifically, the report notes meat prices skyrocketed last year, jumping 12.4 per cent. Fish prices also jumped, by 5.9 per cent, and are expected to go up again this year as sustainably minded consumers look for specific products.

Bacon-loving Canadians paid the most, as prices jumped 25 per cent. Ham and pork chops also climbed by 18 per cent.`

Really if things went up between 6 to 25 percent this year, and they say that next year we can expect another..

Forecasts and expected price increase:
•Meat – 3% to 5%
•Fish & Seafood: 3% to 5%
•Dairy & Eggs: -1% to 1%
•Grains: 0% to 2%
•Fruit & Nuts: 1% to 3%
•Vegetables: 3% to 5%
•Restaurant Foods: 1% to 3%
How is this small increases! On the interview, it was interesting that he said, that while there was more farmers markets then ever, but that the average person only spends 38 dollars per visit, and there for it was NOT effecting the bottom line for the big stores.. hmmm

Also he said, the only way to save was to cook but as the host said, if meat, fish and veggies are all going up in price, how does home cooking make a difference in that.. good point..

While I am firm believer in real food, I can already see that at times, it CAN be cheaper to buy the cheap on sale pre-made this or that, then buy and make.. this is something that we could see in the north, but not down here.. but its slowly creeping in! SAD! just sad..

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10 Responses to The report came out today.. interview on the radio

  1. Sheri says:

    Yup! Down here a package of butter is almost 4 dollars and a gallon of milked went up a dollar in one month. I’m eating a more vegetarian/grain diet. Gotta say, been reading a lot of stuff over the last 3 years and it was “predicted”. So I started canning up smoked ham big time 2 years ago! I can live without bacon if I have too. Just today I read an article about how the prices of olive oil are going up due to the bad weather in oil producing countries, plus California had to pull a lot of their trees from the drought. Gotta make a store run……..

    • Agree on the expected but still made me grumpy that they could call this a little increase.. did get a smile on your butter price, you new high is my great sale price.. wonder what our other basic look like if we could compare notes.

      I am planning a little shopping myself, last week got a full case of canned milk

      • Sheri says:

        Just got my grocery “deals” in my email. Butter has been raised to $4.99 but it’s now on sale at $2.99. Think I’ll stock up. I’m going to try to post my personal list from Safeway for you. Not sure how it’s going to come out. I actually don’t buy much for the stores anymore and it looks like some of the $ didn’t show.

        Safeway Apple Juice Or Cider Selected Varieties,
        64 FZ

        Club Price*: $1.88
        Offer Type: Club Price*
        Expires: 12/7/2014

        Safeway Orange Juice Selected Varieties,
        64 FZ

        Club Price*: $2.50
        Offer Type: Club Price*
        Expires: 12/3/2014

        Starkist Solid White Canned Tuna Selected Varieties,
        5 OZ

        Lucerne Butter,

        Your Price: $2.99
        Offer Type: Unlimited Personalized Price
        Expires: 1/6/2015
        Remove Lucerne Butter From My List
        Fruits & Vegetables

        Extra Large Green Bell Peppers,
        Each. Excludes Organic

        Your Price: $0.45
        Offer Type: Unlimited Personalized Price
        Expires: 1/6/2015
        Remove Extra Large Green Bell Peppers From My List
        Meat & Seafood

        73% Lean Fresh Ground Beef,
        3-lb. chub.

        Your Price: $7.87
        Offer Type: Unlimited Personalized Price
        Expires: 1/6/2015

  2. Marie says:

    It’s ridiculous. We plan every meal here, every snack and make everything from scrap. No choice but to cook if we want to feed ourselves. I am seriously looking into turning the back yard into a food source. Going to be reading a lot during the Christmas vacation on how to make the most of small spaces. I’ll end up with vegetables in the front yard rather than flowers and I dare the neighbours to say something about it. I’ll conceal them: edible flowers and such!

    • Let me know if you need a helping hand on some things to start, and we can have a visit, but I hear you!

    • Sheri says:

      I’m an urban grower and I have a Home Owners Association. We do have rules that we must maintain for our front yards. It doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate food producers, we just have to plant in a way that doesn’t make it look like we’re farming. Create big borders. I removed the fu-fu plants from my back yard because that’s where I have my big garden. (Association rules do not apply to my backyard, except I can’t have barbed wire or electric fences.) They were moved to the front yard and I inter-planted with lots of herbs. Artichokes, strawberries, horseradish can be planted. I seeded in other veggies but I’m running out of space now. It’s fun and people who walk by are a bit amazed! My neighbors know they can bring a basket and clip for fresh herbs if they need any. Good luck!

    • Mike says:

      Check out square foot gardening….. it’s a good way to maximise space

      • When checking on this one, (and it can be great) be aware that if you have to pay for water, it will be a huge cost of you.. if you are going to do Square foot, try and set up water barrels to help with this cost..

        I respect square foot gardening and I have done it, and still do to keep the skill set with a toe in, but I practise the very opposite dry land planting, because I have the space to do so, and because water in the high of summer can be tricky on the farm..

  3. Mike says:

    Prices will always go up, but for me it is surprising the amount of food waste there is. Over a third of bought food ends up in the rubbish bin, and with ‘organic’ produce over 40% of it is dumped BEFORE getting to the shops.

    Personally I prefer to make/grow/raise all my own food, I have control of what goes in to it and as we all know, the flavours…… My cheesemaking skills have increased exponentially over the year and my cellar is well stocked with goat milk camembert, cheddar and blue cheeses. Last week an experiment to make Lemon curd cheese was a great success.

    People need to start considering buying local and putting cash directly into the pockets of the producer rather than adding to the profits of the supermarkets, maybe then they can rediscover the benefits of taste over uniformity.

    And, who knows….one day I might just start selling what I make

    • Very true but at least here in Ontario and Canada, selling milk or milk products will get the small farmer in a lot of trouble, we can do for ourselves but we are very much not allowed to sell or even give away our extra.. now meat is a bit different, if you jump the hoops and make sure its butchered at a provinacal approved and the meat comes with its stamp you can do farm gate sales, but they are making even that more and more paperwork required.

      I do hear you on the food waste, I tracked it myself one year, I am going to round it off, but overall, with me working as hard as I could, with pressure canners, regular canners, dryer and cellar as well as freezer I was able to put up 2-3rds of my crops but in order to process the quality needed for storeage, I needed to `pig-critter 1-3rd of the food I produced in my garden) that included 3rds in value, splits, and the parts that we just don`t use in our food stores.. now that works just great for the critters feeding, and the compost..

      But if you multiply that, its crasy amount of waste, I remember taking a really great seminar about drying food, he was a prof and he was talking about the fact that in N.A. the waste is all about `pretty`food but that in the 3rd world, the waste happens because it all comes ready NOW and you just can`t process it fast enough before loss..

      I fall firmly in between, I will not process less then good to excellent in quality food for keeping but I also battle on the its all ready NOW.. I have gotten better with stagger planting, and reading packages to the itty bitty detail on days on average till cropping etc.

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