Woody Beets…

I am a huge fan of trying new seeds and growing new strains and kinds of plants in the garden, sometimes its a huge success and sometimes its a big old flop, it won`t grow, or it does but I am pushing the planting in terms of weather or days, and its just starting to produce an bam.. Frost … all dead

but I was sad about these ones, they will get one more try this coming year.. mainly because they grew so well and I am leary on if they got harvested at the right time or not.. or what happened at all in the end of the garden season.

You see while I have notes on things up until I fell and broke bones, I am truly unsure of what the watering was like afterwards to harvest time, now we have really nice regular rains, so in truth, that does not really cut it with me..

I really! dislike plants that need to be babied at that stage in the game.. as seeds, yes, as wee tikes ok.. as bigger.. DEAL .. LOL

now that other thing that can cause woody beets is overgrown..  they don`t look over grown in terms of what they should be, but I don`t know when they were taken out of the ground, because I was in alberta..

So did they come out late… it would have been a matter of weeks at most.. Again.. really, I don`t like that fussy of a plant.. Sometimes , I like to stagger havesting of beets and I have never had a issue..

IF anyone know of other reason`s for woody beets, I am all ears..

These get one more try this coming summer and if they do it again.. they get moved to the black list of DO NOT GROW 🙂

the pigs and the hounds are really enjoying them though.. yum, yum


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6 Responses to Woody Beets…

  1. Kathleen says:

    Under watering and late harvesting are the only 2 ways of getting woody beets, that I know of.
    Great way to sweeten up the porkers though, yum yum. 🙂

  2. canadiandoomer says:

    Hey, you’ve got ads. Very cool – I thought WordPress didn’t allow them.

    What type of beets did you grow that are a no-no? You’ve mentioned mangel before – have you had success with them?

    • wordpress is the one that puts them on, which is not! cool but if I want them gone, I have to move from free hosting which is what I have now to paid hosting to get rid of them..

      will have to look up type-name, got them from seedy Saturday as a canning beet

      yes, I have had success grow the mangel for livestock feed

      • canadiandoomer says:

        OH! Ok, so it’s bad enough that WordPress won’t let you put up ads, but to put them on your blog? Very much not cool. Yet another reason I like Blogger!

      • wordpress will let me put up ads, I have at times, its allowed in my template, I choose not to..

        but yes, I can not stop them from putting up on ad per post on the free site, if I paided even there lowest fee, no ads would show, other then ones I choose to use if I did so..

        I like blogger for somethings and others I like wordpress better..

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